1st Hungarian Footbag Cup

Tournament Results

1st Hungarian Footbag Cup


Tamas Bogo

E-mail: bogotamas@yahoo.com
Alias: tbogo@footbag.org
Battai u. 3/a.
February 3, 2001  (concluded)
Lucia-Laura Cafe
Budapest, Hungary
Host Club:
Events Offered:
freestyle: singles, women's single, doubles

Manually Entered Results

Man's single:

1.) Jan "Dexter" Struzh
2.) Matthias Lino Schmidt
3.) Jakob Wagner
4.) Bogo Tamas
5.) Herjeczky Mate
6.) Csallo Gergo

Womens single:

1.) Drixler Dora
2.) Pusztai Anna
3.) Lucia Laura
4.) Lengyel Eszter


1.) Kiss + Gyáni
2.) Homola + Halász
3.) Jazz + Juz
4.) Szolosi + Horváth

The contest will be followed by a big party where everybody is wellcome. Theres no entery fee, the contest fee will be 300 HUF (= 1USD)
Event Details:
In case or raining the event will be on the next day ( 04.02.2001)


Lucia Laura Cafe
I. Varalja u. 3.
Budapest, Hungary
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