Tournament Results



Steve Goldberg

Facebook: » Steve Goldberg
Alias: brat@footbag.org
San Carlos, CA
May 26-28, 2001  (concluded)
Stanford University - Wilbur Field
Palo Alto, California, USA
Events Offered:
open: singles net, doubles net, mixed doubles net, singles 
freestyle, doubles freestyle, golf

women's: singles net, doubles net, singles freestyle

intermediate: singles net, doubles net, singles freestyle, golf

novice: doubles net

Manually Entered Results

The 16th annual Western Regional Footbag Championships went off without a hitch last weekend, with perfect weather all three days. We had approximately 90 competitors, with more open than intermediate players, almost even between net players and freestylers. Players came not only from the western states, but also from as far away as the DC area and Montreal (Canada). And, as usual, the Montreal contingent (one of whom now lives in the Bay Area) swept the net events. :-)

Despite a slightly smaller field of net players than in previous years, there was spectacular net competition all throughout the weekend. Upsets were had, and in a couple of cases, players from the losers' brackets (in the double-elim format) managed to fight their ways back to win the final match and the tie-breaker. There was definitely some incredibly exciting net play this weekend.

  Freestyle, as usual, was insane. New players showed up out of nowhere already hitting 4-add tricks. Most of the best freestylers on the west coast showed up, shredding hard the whole weekend. The competition was phenomenal, garnering a pretty nice crowd for the finals on Monday.

There's a lot more to report, but for the sake of brevity, I'll skip on to the results for the main events.

Thanks to everyone who attended, whether you competed or not. Thanks go especially to the staff (listed below), as well as the booster club members who donated extra money in addition to their entry fee to help offset our costs this year. I sincerely appreciate everyone's help and understanding as we have had little funding over the last few years.


RESULTS: 16th Annual Western Regional Footbag Championships
          Concluded - May 26-28, 2001
          Stanford University - Wilbur Field
          Palo Alto, California (USA)

Most valuable staff member: Julie Symons

Julie contributed not only tremendous amounts of time and energy to 
making this year's Western Regionals possible, but she also 
contributed cash to help with some of the expenses. This year, my job 
situation was so crazy that I really had no time to even begin the 
task of pulling everyone together to make the event happen. Julie 
stepped up to the plate and took over for me to coordinate the 
tournament this year. If it weren't for her, there simply would not 
have been an event. Thanks, Julie. It was worth it -- the event went 
very smoothly thanks to the help of all our great players and staff 

STAFF LIST (please e-mail me with any omissions):

  Julie Symons - tournament coordinator, lunch czar, drinks, etc.
  Steve Goldberg - tournament director, party (-ies) host, etc.
  Brent Welch - registration director, equipment pick-up, pre-event, etc.
  david Butcher - net director, T-shirts (art, coordination, payment)
  Eric Wulff - freestyle director
  Hugh Harrell - golf director
  Lisa McDaniel - pre-event, staff food, pizza dinner, general staff, etc.
  John Leys - pre-event coordination, general staff, etc.
  Alexis Deschenes - pre-event coordination & pick-up, drinks, general
  Jody Welch - water czar, pre-event coordination, general staff
  Jimmy Caveney - net assistant director, pre-event and general staff
  Hung Chang - pre-event helper, general staff, novice net director
  Brian Pihl - general staff (booth and more), novice net co-director, etc.
  Vince Bradley - general staff, results czar, novice net brackets, etc.
  Tara Ohr - general staff (lots of booth help!), etc.
  Lonya Julin - general staff (booth, etc.)
  Brian Kimball - general staff (extra booth hours each day, lunch, etc.)
  Iain McKechnie - general staff (booth and other)
  Joe Shermetaro - Stanford club, power, pre-event, general staff
  Ben Lynn - Stanford club, pre-event, financial manager, general staff
  Kevin Fine - Stanford club, pre-event (field reservations, etc.)
  Darlene House - general staff (booth, etc.)
  Alex Zerbe - general staff (booth, etc.)
  Avery McCombs - general staff (booth, etc.)
  Darlene and Rene Sanche - plaques (including labor to cut, finish, etc.)

Thanks to everyone who helped out, even if you weren't listed above!

BOOSTER CLUB: (people who donated money to help offset our costs)
  Jim Caveney
  Julie Symons
  Vince Bradley
  Tina Lewis
  Brent and Jody Welch
  david Butcher
  Daryl Genz
  Mike Jauss
  Jeff Goode
  Nathan Martinez


Open Singles Net
  1. Alexis Deschenes
  2. John Leys
  3. Rob Adams
  4. david Butcher
  5. Jason Langis
  6. Brent Stewart
  7. Bob Lavigne
  8. Jim Caveney
  9. Tim Tucker
 10. Iain McKechnie
 11. Vince Bradley
 12. Sage Woodmansee
 13. Edwin Veltman
 14. Roddy Esposito
 15. Hugh Harrell
 16. Curt Rund
 17. A.J. Shultz
 18. Jeff Goode
 19. Steve Goldberg
 20. Randy Pace

Open Singles Freestyle:
                        comp  pres  drops  adds  tricks  ratio    score
  1. Ryan Mulroney      9.20  9.20      1   345     126   2.74    29.34
  2. Lon Smith          9.10  9.57      4   256      98   2.61    27.84
  3. Ahren Gehrman      7.90  7.97      5   213      83   2.57    24.31
  4. Ken Somolinos      7.90  8.23      4   139      61   2.28    23.80
  5. Sunil Jani         7.00  8.37      5   229      97   2.36    23.77
  6. Daryl Genz         7.50  7.67      6   237      92   2.58    23.61
  7. Toby Robinson      6.60  8.43      7   270     105   2.57    23.55
  8. Tu Vu              6.30  7.90      5   158      72   2.19    21.72
  9. Avery McCombs    
  9. Alex Zerbe         Not played off; did not make cut to round 2.
 11. Bryan Fournier    / (Scores not comparable to finals pool above.)
 11. Forest Schrodt   /

Women's Singles Net:
  1. Jody Welch
  2. Lisa McDaniel
  3. Julie Symons
  4. Tina Lewis
  5. Kelly Kelley
  6. Teresa ("Tree") Rodgerson
  7. Darlene House

Women's Singles Freestyle:
                        comp  pres  drops  adds  tricks  ratio    score
  1. Carol Wedemeyer    6.90  8.53      5   153      74   2.07    22.78
  2. Jane Jones         4.80  7.03      7   108      62   1.74    17.91
  3. Tara Ohr           2.20  7.40     15    70      73   0.96    12.51
  4. Sunny Freeman      2.30  4.33     19   121      87   1.39     9.48
  5. Mel Schneider (scratched; 3rd in round 1; could only attend Sunday)

Open Doubles Net:
  1. Bob Lavigne / Alexis Deschenes
  2. david Butcher / Brent Welch
  3. Jim Caveney / Pat Keehan
  4. Iain McKechnie / Tim Tucker
  5. Hung Chang / Rob Adams
  6. Vince Bradley / Jason Langis
  7. Jeff Goode / Beau Barnett
  8. Julie Symons / Jody Welch
  9. Edwin Veltman / Roddy Esposito
 10. Lisa McDaniel / Amy Westberg
 11. Randy Pace / Mike Scheele
 12. Brent Stewart / John Leys (forfeit; did not play through due to injury)
 13. Nick Jaros / Hugh Harrell
 14. A.J. Shultz / Sage Woodmansee
 15. Steve Goldberg / Mike Jauss

Open Mixed Doubles Net:
  1. Lisa McDaniel / david Butcher
  2. Brent Welch / Jody Welch
  3. Amy Westberg / John Leys
  4. Tina Lewis / Brent Stewart
  5. Julie Symons / Alexis Deschenes
  6. Kelly Kelley / Jim Caveney
  7. Edwin Veltman / Darlene House
  8. Sage Woodmansee / Teresa ("Tree") Rodgerson

Women's Doubles Net:
  1. Lisa McDaniel / Amy Westberg
  2. Jody Welch / Julie Symons
  3. Tina Lewis / Kelly Kelley
  4. Darlene House / Teresa ("Tree") Rodgerson

Open Golf:
  1. Roddy Esposito
  2. Hugh Harrell
  3. Dave Wedertz
  4. Sage Woodmansee

Intermediate Singles Net:
  1. Mike Ingle
  2. Ron Babot
  3. Markus Willoughby
  4. David Gilfillan
  5. Roy Newman
  6. Walter Sales

Intermediate Singles Freestyle:
                        comp  pres  drops  adds  tricks  ratio    score
  1. Andrew Johnson     5.00  6.40      8    93      57   1.63    16.96   
  2. Peter Bevitori     4.00  6.47      7   119      74   1.61    16.52
  3. Jeremy Mirken      2.90  5.67      7    92      54   1.70    14.44
  4. Brian Pihl         3.30  5.53     11    92      62   1.48    13.49
  5. Mark Husted        3.40  4.97     10    91      54   1.69    13.46
  6. Mike Jauss   
  7. A.J. Shultz  / only played in round 1; scores not comparable to above

Intermediate Doubles Net:
  1. Curt Rund / Ron Babot
  2. Markus Willoughby / David Gilfillan
  3. Teresa ("Tree") Rodgerson / Darlene House

Open Freestyle Big Trick Contest:
  Best 3 Tricks. Ahren Gehrman - tombstone/paradox-torque/blurry-blender
  Best 2 Tricks. Ahren Gehrman - paradox-torque/blurry-blender
  Best 1 Trick.  Eric Wulff - leaning osis (aka "Macon Bacon")

Open Freestyle Shred Contest:
  1. Ryan Mulroney - 211.41
  2. Lon Smith - 180.97
  3. Eric Wulff - 173.33
  4. Brian McKenzie - 172.13
  5. Daryl Genz - 155.17
  6. Sunil Jani - 139.66
  7. Forest Schrodt - 139.64
  8. Ahren Gehrman - 134.71
  9. Toby Robinson - 130.63
 10. Avery McCombs - 101.68
 11. Chad Devlahovich - 99.31
 12. Richard Abshire - 97.92
 13. Ken Somolinos - 94.34
 14. Cameron Kennedy - 94.15
 15. Melissa Schneider - 57.93
 16. Mark Husted - 55.91
 17. Mike Jauss - 46.25
 18. Nathan Martinez - 38.16

This is the largest tournament in the world besides the world footbag championships. Players from all over the west coast of the U.S. as well as visitors from far and wide (Canada and the east coast) will be attending this year. This is a great chance to play with (or just meet) most of the top freestylers and net players in the sport.

Don't waste your Memorial Day weekend by going camping! This is the place to be this year.

Also available on-site: full-time DJ, footbag sales, four-square, and free water. Fun in the sun for the whole family.

This annual event is one of the largest footbag tournaments in the world, situated on the beautiful campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. It is a prize-money event with a full offering of net and freestyle competition for all levels of play, as well as free training and play for newcomers.

A full-time DJ and other fun activities make this a great way to spend your weekend -- even if you're not planning to compete. There will be a non-stop freestyle jam on the volleyball court right next to the DJ area. Footbags (and other products) will be available for purchase at the various vendor booths on site. Prize money will be given for 1st place in open singles net, women's singles net, open doubles net, and open singles freestyle only. All other places in all other events will receive a hand-made plaque -- a great memento of the event that will last a lifetime. More information is below.

Event Details:

The Western Regional Footbag Championships, is one of the largest  footbag events in 
the world, with close to 100 competitors attending from all across the United States and 

This year will mark the 16th consecutive year of this competition, which will take place 
on the beautiful campus of Stanford University for the ninth year in a row.

This event is sanctioned by the World Footbag Association, under the authority of the 
International Footbag Committee (IFC). As such, results from this competition are 
eligible to be used for seeding at the World Footbag Championships this summer 
(August 6-12, 2001 in Albany, Berkeley, and San Francisco, California). For more  
information on IFC, see ifc.footbag.org, and for more 
information on the Worlds, 
see the worlds home page.


EVENT OVERVIEW (see http://www.footbag.org/calendar/show/979334083)

Event:  The 2001 Western Regional Footbag Championships and Festival

Dates:  Saturday, May 26, 8am-7pm
        Sunday, May 27, 10am-7:30pm
        Monday, May 28, 9am-6pm (FINALS 2-6pm)

Site:   Stanford University Campus in Palo Alto, California
        Wilbur Field (on Campus Drive East)
        (Directions are below)

        All-day MUSIC supplied by On-Site Entertainment
        FREE novice net competition for prizes, one per day
        Fun for all kickers -- you don't have to compete to have fun!
        World class competitors in freestyle and footbag net

Size:   Over 100 competitors
        Over 1,000 spectators

Host:   The Stanford University Footbag Club
        P.O. Box 15549
        Stanford, CA 94309

        HOTLINE:  ** 650-366-5554 **
        Tournament Director: Steve Goldberg (brat@footbag.org)
        Stanford Club President: Joe Shermetaro (joe6789@stanford.edu)

-> See Footbag WorldWide (http://www.footbag.org/events) for a complete
   list of upcoming footbag events.




Please note that you must register for all intermediate and 
open/women's events in advance -- preferably online, or at the 
pre-registration party (see below), or in the worst case, at late 
registration on-site Saturday morning by 9am (see schedule). If you 
need a registration form or cannot register in advance, please send 
e-mail to brat@footbag.org immediately.

                                            open/women's singles net
  $50 flat                                  open/women's singles freestyle
  includes...                               open doubles freestyle
  T-shirt, player pack                      open/women's doubles net
                                            mixed doubles net


  $30 flat                                  int. singles net
  includes...                               int. singles freestyle
  T-shirt, player pack                      int. doubles net
                                            int. golf

NOVICES (first-timers, entering novice net only, on any or all days)

  FREE (no T-shirt or player pack)          doubles net
  or                                        (includes instruction)
  $10 with T-shirt, player pack

Prizes and/or certificates will be awarded to the top 3 places in
all events.

There will also be pick-up games of four-square throughout the three



For the best results, make all hotel, travel, and rental car
arrangements through the official travel agency:

   Ask for Charles Shaffer and mention the Western Regionals

Please do not ask Steve to help you arrange travel or lodging.
Other BAFL players may be able to help, but Steve can't be responsible
to help everyone -- there are too many players. Either contact
Oaks Travel to find cheap accommodations in this area, or check with 
other players you may know to try to find someone to stay with. In 
the worst case, you can try to find someone to stay at during the 
Friday night party; do not plan to stay with Steve unless you have 
previously arranged such with him well in advance. Please avail 
yourselves of the member list online to find players in this area you 
may know and ask them for help. Thanks.


SCHEDULE:  (tentative; final schedule available at check-in)

Friday, May 25

   7:00pm    registration/check-in & party at Steve Goldberg's house
             (For directions, please *e-mail* Steve at brat@footbag.org)

Saturday, May 26

   8am       footbag golf begins (golfers: note early start)
   8-9am     open/intermediate late registration/check-in
   9:30am    players' meeting (all open/int. players must attend)
   10am-4pm  open singles net (down to finals)
   11am-4pm  women's singles net (down to finals)
   12-4pm    free novice net competition (sign-up by 1pm)
   1-4pm     intermediate singles net
   4pm-7pm   mixed doubles net (down to finals)
   7-10pm    player party and pay-your-own-way dinner at Steve's house
             (directions at check-in or tournament booth on-site)

Sunday, May 27

   8:30-10am golf (2nd and final round)
   8:30am    stretch, warm-up (play unfinished net matches by 10am)
   10am-1pm  freestyle, round 1 (intermediate/women's/open)
   1-5pm     free novice net competition (sign up by 2pm)
   1-2pm     open singles net *finals*
   2-3pm     women's singles net *finals*
   3-7:30pm  open/women's/intermed. doubles net (down to finals or dark)

Monday, May 28 (Memorial Day)

   8:30am    stretch, warm-up
   9am-12pm  play any remaining doubles net matches (down to finals)
   10am-1pm  free novice net competition (sign up by 10am)
   12pm-2pm  freestyle finals (intermed./women's/open)
   2-6pm     open/women's doubles net & mixed doubles net *finals*
   6-6:30pm  awards ceremony on-site!



The Stanford Campus is in Palo Alto, California, about 35 miles south
of San Francisco and 18 miles north of San Jose. From I-280, exit
at Page Mill Rd., heading towards Palo Alto. Follow Page Mill to the
2nd light (Junipero Serra) and turn LEFT. Go to the 2nd light
(Campus Drive East) and turn sharply to the RIGHT. After two stop
signs, Wilbur Field will be on your LEFT. Park anywhere except
designated 24-hr. student parking areas.  All metered and C permit
parking areas are FREE throughout the entire event.

Coming from US-101, exit at Embarcadero Rd. (west, towards Palo Alto),
and take Embarcadero until it crosses El Camino Real and enters Stanford
campus (2-3 miles). You'll pass the stadium as you enter the campus, and
the street name changes to Galvez. At Campus Drive, turn LEFT. Follow
Campus Drive until you see the site on your RIGHT, after approximately
5 stop signs. (You'll cross Serra, Escondido, and pass Bowdoin.) Park
anywhere except in designated 24-hr. student parking areas.  All metered
and C permit parking areas are FREE throughout the entire event.


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