Second Annual Arica Open

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Second Annual Arica Open


John Leys

Phone: (415)412-5395
2875 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, CA
January 10, 2001  (concluded)
Parque Brasil
Arica, Chile
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Results for Second Annual Arica Open:

Jan 10, 2001
Arica, Chile

Singles Net:

1.  John Leys
2.  Marco Cortes
3.  Marcelo Lopez
4.  Fabian Flores

Doubles Net:

1.  John Leys / Fabian Flores
2.  Marco Cortes / Victor Morales
3.  Marcelo Lopez / Eric Tokle
4.  Lito Marley / Paulo Carvahal

Note:  All players Chilean except John Leys and Eric Tokle (USA)

This is the 2nd annual footbag net competition hosted by the South American CHAOS Training Camp. Is winter getting you down? No way to play? Well Arica, situated on the coast of northern Chile, is the spot for you. We will be playing pick-up all week long, Jan 5 -12, with competition set for Wednesday the 10th. Come enjoy your winter in the city of eternal spring! John Leys, USA, and Eric Tokle, USA, will be at the event along with a host of Chileans.
Event Details:
In Arica come to Parque Brasil (ask any taxi cab driver for a lift) Wed. Jan 
10th around 2 pm.

Vengan a Parque Brasil en Arica (pregunta cualquer cabellero en la 
calle) Miercoles, 10 de Enero, a las dos en la tarde.
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