Chicago Millenium Footbag Jam

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Chicago Millenium Footbag Jam


Scott Davidson

Phone: Email for current #
~600 Harrison
Oak Park, IL
December 30-31, 2000  (concluded)
McCormick Place - South Building
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
Footbag Freestyle Jamz,
Footbag Net Jamz (at least two nets),
Footbag Consecutives Demo's with Ted Martin
Event Details:
Sponsor hotel is Hyatt Regency McCormick Place... the same excellent 
hotel as from Worlds99.  This is walking distance, through heated 
tunnels, to the site.  DISCOUNTED Rate of $69.00 is about a $250 
SAVINGS over their rack rates.  The rooms are available until the "block" 
is full, which means first come first serve.  You CANNOT BOOK ONLINE, 
the rate is only available by calling the hotel directly, asking for 
reservations and booking a room under the CODEWORD: "Holiday 
Sports Festival" (from Mayors Office of Special Events, to be more 

Rooms available through, but NOT INCLUDING New Year's Eve night 
(they are fully booked for new years eve), December 26th through 
December 30th.
To BOOK ROOMS, call:
Hyatt Regency McCormic (direct number)    +1 312 567 1234
(Remember to identify yourself as with the "Holiday Sports Festival")

For Hotel Info, but NOT FOR BOOKING, check out:

NEW: SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FROM NOON to 1:00 we have control 
of the MAIN STAGE for footbag demos, this is in addition to our normal 
dedicated shred and net areas.  All Demo volunteers are welcome, we 
will coordinate the actual demo on-site based on attendance.

Come Freestylers, Come Netters, Come Consecutives Mongers of all 
ages!  This is 
a JAM!  A free event that gives us a venue to display the sport of footbag 
other sports enthusiasts, as well as a chance to JAM until our legs go 
Then PARTY to celebrate the beginning of the new millenium!  More 
party info 
will be available here later.

Be a part of a new tradition in Chicago... the Holiday Sports Festival (this 
was previously the annual 3-on-3 basketball tournament)!

A free event for spectators that allows competition in Basketball, floor 
hockey, nerf football, volleyball and soccer... and hosts interactive zones 
featuring: FOOTBAG, Badmitton, Ping Pong, Kick Ball, FourSquare, a 
Wall, Fishing Pond, Boxing, toddler sports area and fitness stage.

They are also hosting clinics by Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago 
(soccer), Chicago Enforcers (XFL).  Chances to win prizes in these 

Sponsored by: Chicago Sun-times, Chicago Transit Authroity, 
Television, Coca-Cola, Communications Direct, ESPN Radio 1000, FOX 
Chicago, FOX 
Sports Net, Hyatt Regency at McCormick Place, Sparkling Spring Water, 
and XFL 
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