Texas State Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

Texas State Footbag Championships


Tina Lewis

Alias: tinalewis@footbag.org
Austin, TX
November 11-12, 2000  (concluded)
Zilker Park Rugby Fields (Front Gate)
Austin, Texas, USA
Events Offered:
mixed net, singles net, doubles net, consecutives, 
freestyle, golf

Manually Entered Results

2000 Texas State Footbag Championships Results

Open Doubles Net
1st	Steve Smith/Cory Current
2d	James Harley/David Spears
3d	Scot Hansen/Bryan Nelson
4th	James Roberts/Craig Lord
5th (tie)	KellyKelley/Tina Lewis
		Gary Gaman/Dallas Wiard
6th (tie)	Ariel Santesteban/Kyle Crawford
		Matt Strong/Eric Burgess

Open Singles Net
1st	Steve Smith
2d	Cory Current
3d	James Harley
4th 	Tina Lewis
5th (tie) 	David Spears
		Gary Gaman

Women's Singles Net
1st	Tina Lewis
2d	Kelly Kelley
3d	Rachel Abramson

Mixed Doubles Net
1st	Tina Lewis/James Harley
2d	Kelly Kelley/Steve Smith
3d	Rachel Abramson/David Spears

Open Freestyle
1st	Chad Devlahovich
2d	James Roberts
3d 	Sunil Jani
4th 	Brad Kaplan
5th	Derric Scalf
6th	Matt Strong

Open Golf
1st	Steve Smith 
2d	James Roberts 	
3d	Derric Scalf
4th 	Matt Strong
5th	Craig Lord

Intermediate Singles Net
1st	Shardul Sarhad
2d	Adrian Garcia
3d	Rachel Abramson
4th 	Mark Nelson
5th (tie)	James Sooy
		Alex Spears

Intermediate Doubles Net
1st	Shardul Sarhad/Adrian Garcia	
2d	Rachel Abramson/Mark Nelson
3d	James Sooy/Frank Mingst

Intermediate Freestyle
1st	Mark Madej
2d	Michael Wilson

Novice Freestyle
1st	Adrian Garcia
2d	Cody Rushing
3d	James Sooy

Intermediate Golf
1st	Shardul Sarhad

Novice Golf
1st	Frank Mingst
2d	James Sooy
3d	Adrian Garcia

Open 5-minute timed consecutives
1st	Matt Strong		526
2d	Ariel Santesteban	463
3d	Eric Burgess		438

Women's 5-minute timed consecutives
1st	Tina Lewis 		531
2d	Kelly Kelley		496

Novice 5-minute timed consecutives
1st	Rachel Abramson  320

This tournament is sponsored and run by the Texas Footbag League, Austin Style Footbag Club and Dallas Footbag Club. We are moving the tournament to November this year in hopes the drought will be over by then and because my schedule is crazy in October. The event will be at the Zilker Park Rugby Field on Barton Springs Road, same as last year. As always it will be fun and pretty casually organized. Call me if you have ideas or want to help!
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