Funtastik Summer Classic Footbag Tournament

Tournament Results

Funtastik Summer Classic Footbag Tournament


Brenda Marie Solonoski

Phone: 717-979-5620 cell
7821 Jefferson St.
Hummelstown, PA
September 2-4, 2000  (concluded)
Sunshine Park and City Island, Harrisburg, Pa.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Events Offered:
Pro, Amateur & Novice Singles & Doubles Net
Pro,Amateur & Novice Golf
Pro, Amateur & Novice Singles Freestyle
Pro Team Freestyle

Friday-Funtastik pre registration 4-8 pm
Sat- Sunshine Park 9an- registration, check in & warm up
10am singles net begins
2pm doubles net begings
6pm service poaching
Sunday-8:30am golf- location TBA
11am City Island singel & doubles net continues, Novice & 
Amateur finals
12-2pm skills contest- iron man & freestyle shred
3-5pm singles freestyle
5-7pm team freestyle
Monday 9am golf TBA
Noon Pro Single net finals
1pm Skills contest finals
2pm Pro doubles net finals
3pm Singles freestyle finals
4pm team freestyle finals
5pm award ceremony
8pm fireworks

Manually Entered Results

Pro Singles Net
1 Emmanuel Bouchard-$200
2 Yves Archambault-$100
1 Emannuel Bouchard-$200
2 Yves Archambault-$100
3 Martin Cote-$50
4 Rober Lavign-prize
5 Jamie Lepley-prize

Pro Doubles Net
1 Y Archambault/E Bouchard-$110
2 M Cote/R Lavign-$70
3 J Lepley/G Smith-$40
4 T Bergamasco/J Hankins-prize

Pro Single Freestyle
1 Peter Irich-$200
2 Ryan Mulroney-$100
3 Eric Wulff-$50
4 Carol Wedemeyer-prize
5 Greg Nelson-prize

Pro Golf
1 Garth Smith-$80
2 Jamie Lepley-$40
3 Tom Bergamasco-$20
4 Greg Nice-prize

Team Freestyle
1 G Nelso/V Bradley-$80
2 S Jani/M Schneider-$40
3 S Goldberg/R Mulroney-$20

Intermediate Net
1 Marilyn Demuy-prizes
2 Jack Lentz-prizes
3 Chuck Donnelly-prizes
4 Jeremy Walters-prizes
5 John Bottomley-prizes

Intermediat Dbl Net
1 J Walters/A Noller-prizes
2 J Lentz/B Solonoski-prizes

Novice Net
1 Kathy Schubel-prizes
2 John Bottomley-prizes
3 Craig Bennetts-przes
4 Kirk Mcadams-prizes

Novice Dbl Net
Kathy Schubel
John Bottomley
Kihan Kim
Sarah Kramer

Amateur Freestyle
1 Mel Schneider-prize
2 Alex Faber-prizes
3 Edwin Tishner-prizes
4 Amos Schumacher-prizes

Amateur Golf
1 Jeremy Watlers-prizes
2 Chuck Donnelly-prizes

Iron Man- $100  Sunil Jani 1 minute 23 sec
Freestyle Shred- $100 Ryan Mulroney  178 adds
Service Poaching- $100  Emmanuel Bouchard 316 points
Best Bag Golf $40 J Lepely/M Demuy (2 man teams)
Closest to the hole- Garth Smith (hole in one)

Thanks to our sponsors:  Funtastik, Rainbow Imports (Dirt Bags), Just Go 
Scooter, Four Square, Special Blend, Camelback, Powell, Forum, Oakely, 
Harrisburg East Holiday Inn.

Thanks to our staff:  Joe & Brenda Solonoski, Ed Price, Garth Smith, Jamie 
Lepley, Vince Bradley, Jack Lentz & Mike Bolos.

Special thanks to judges & helpers: Steve Goldberg, Kenny Schultz, Chuck 
Donnelly, Neil Payne, Dan Kramer, Kaiser Ahmand, Josh Penny, Peter Irish, Kirk 
McAdams, Lee McAdams, Lon Irish, Carol Wedemeyer, Sunil Jani, Ted Fritch, Amy 
Noller, Jeremy Walter, Merril Detweiler, Dave Garber, Julian Solonoski & Josh 

This year marks the 15th running of the Summer Classic. This is the sixth year that the tournament bas been involved with the Kipona Street Fair on Labor Day weekend. Hundreds of thousands of people attend this street fair throughout the weekend. Tournament directors, Brenda and Joe Solonoski have been relentless at supplying the east coast with one of the top billed Professional Footbag Tournaments in the world. This tournament has a history of drawing large numbers of competitors and of presenting top cash and merchandise prizes as awards. This tournament supplies the environment that allows competitors and spectators to have a "funtastik" time. SPONSORS- Funtastik, Rainbow Imports, Circa, Globe, Four Square, Forum, Burton, Oakley, Sims, Etnies, Harrisburg East Holiday Inn, Special Blend, Vans
Event Details:
DIRECTIONS-Funtastik at the Point Mall (registration 4-8PM)
From Harrisburg take 83 N to the Union Deposit Exit. Go 1/2 block & turn R 
into shopping center.  Funtastik in mall entrance closer to Burlington.

DIRECTIONS to Sunshine Park (Saturday)
422/322 to 83 S.  Take 2nd St. exit.  Take R onto Market St. At light after 
tunnel, turn L onto Carmeron St.(RT 230).  Go to Herr St. Turn R. Park is 50 
ft on R.

DIRECTIONS to City Island, Harrisburg, Pa. (Sunday & Monday)
-422/322 W to 83 S   Take the 2nd street exit.
-Turn left at the 4th light (Market St.)
-Straight at the next light.
-Take 1st right in the middle of the bridge
-Tournament site on Sat is past the stadium.
-Tournament site on Sun/Mon is on left before the stadium.


CAMPGROUNDS- Harrisburg East  717-939-4331  15 min. from site  5 mins from 
                     Holiday Inn East  Close to food, restaurants, gas.
           -Hershey High Meadow  717-566-0902  2-30mins to site.  only mins 
                     to Hersheypark
HOTELS- Holiday Inn East- 604 Station Rd.  Harrisburg  717-939-7841   This 
deluxe hotel is offering 1/2 priced rooms at the rate of $75/night for 4 
adults.  This place has a 15 person hot tub, lighted tennis & basketball 
courts (perfect for footbag), lighted mini chip & putt course, sauna, weight 
room shuffleboard, indoor and giant outdoor pool and is close to everything.  
Deadline for rates is Aug 12.
     -lots of other hotels on Eisenhower Blvd that offer less in rates and 
less in extras.
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