European Footbag Championships 2000

Tournament Results

European Footbag Championships 2000


Eric Dargent

Phone: +44 (0) 758 718 48 27
44, Velwell Rd
Exeter, Devon
July 14-16, 2000  (concluded)
Parc de Saint Cloud
Paris, France
Events Offered:
Net (singles, doubles, women's, open, intermediate)
Freestyle (singles doubles, women's, open, 

Manually Entered Results

Open Freestyle (top 12 players)
1st Ahren Gehrman (U.S.A.)
2nd Justin Sexton (Finland)
3rd Toby Robinson (U.S.A.)
4th Ryan Cummings (U.S.A.)
5th Mark Inzinger (Germany)
6th Andrew McCargar (U.S.A.)
7th Tu Vu (U.S.A.)
8th Jan Zimmerman (Germany)
9th Juho Vesa (Finland)
10th Ilkka Malin (Finland)
11th (tie) Lon Smith & Alex Zerbe (U.S.A.) (both had to leave before finals)

   European rankings for open freestyle:
   1. Justin Sexton (Finland)
   2. Mark Inzinger (Germany)
   3. Jan Zimmerman (Germany)

Open Doubles Freestyle (top 7 teams)
1st Ahren Gehrman / Tu Vu (U.S.A.)
2nd Steve Goldberg / Samantha Conlon (U.S.A.)
3rd Jane Jones / Alex Zerbe (U.S.A.)
4th Justin Sexton / Ilkka Malin (Finland)
5th Ole Schnack / Jan Zimmermann (Germany)
6th Jere Linnanen / Miikka Laine (Finland)
7th Juha Linnanen / Samuli Viitanen (Finland)

   European rankings for open doubles freestyle:
   1. Justin Sexton / Ilkka Malin (Finland)
   2. Ole Schnack / Jan Zimmermann (Germany)
   3. Jere Linnanen / Miikka Laine (Finland)

Open Women's Freestyle (top 3 players)
1st Jane Jones (U.S.A.)
2nd Jule Boehm (Germany)
3rd Sabrina Weiss (Germany)

   European rankings for open women's freestyle:
   1. Jule Boehm (Germany)
   2. Sabrina Weiss (Germany)

Open Singles Net (top 4 players)
1st Yves Archambault (Canada)
2nd David Butcher (U.S.A)
3rd Jakob Hall (Denmark)
4th Tuomas Karki (Finland)

   European rankings for open singles net:
   1. Jakob Hall (Denmark)
   2. Tuomas Karki (Finland)
   3. Jukka Peltola (Finland)

Open Doubles Net (top 6 teams)
1st Yves Archambault / Jakob Hall (Canada/Denmark)
2nd Tuomas Karki / Jesse Fryckman (Finland)
3rd David Butcher / Amy Westberg (U.S.A.)
4th Justin Sexton / Jukka Peltola (Finland)
5th (tie) Steve Goldberg / Olli Savolainen (U.S.A./Finland)
          Bjarne Everberg / Benny Leick (Denmark)

   European rankings for open doubles net:
   1. Tuomas Karki / Jesse Fryckman (Finland)
   2. Justin Sexton / Jukka Peltola (Finland)
   3. Bjarne Everberg / Benny Leick (Denmark)

Intermediate Freestyle (top 6 players)
1st Samuli Viitanen (Finland)
2nd Jere Linnanen (Finland)
3rd Tillmann Witzler (Germany)
4th Miikka Laine (Finland)
5th Matthias Schmidt (Germany)
6th Juha Linnanen (Finland)

   European rankings for intermediate freestyle:
   1. Samuli Viitanen (Finland)
   2. Jere Linnanen (Finland)
   3. Tillmann Witzler (Germany)

Intermediate doubles net
1st Patti Scnickel/ Phil Nierstheimer (Germany)
2d Ole Schnack / Jan Zimmermann (Germany)
3d Miikka Laine / Tapio Karhunen (Finland)

Intermediate singles net

1st Patti Scnickel (Germany)
2d Cyril Peron (France)
semifinalists : Olivier Gonnelle (France) & Phil Nierstheimer (Germany)

Open Golf

1st Wigger (Danemark)
2d Eric Schmidt (Germany)
3d Yves Bouquier (France)
4th Mathias Gruszinsky (Germany)
5th Ludovic Lacaze (France)
6th Franck Gautherot

European Overall Champion 
Open : Justin Sexton (Finland) 
Intermediate : Miikka Laine (Finland)

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...will take place in Paris, THE 14-15-16 JULY 14th and 15th outside in the sun and the Big Finals for the big final day, indoor. Organization is taken care of by the newly created ASSOCIATION FRANšAISE DE FOOTBAG!

The European Footbag Championships 2000 will feature the very best European players as well as special guests from North America, including the world famous Sam Conlon, Steve Goldberg, Emmanuel Bouchard and Yves Archambault! Your grandmother might drop by too!

This event WILL BE one of the finest parties ever in the footbag world! Alongside the Championships, we'll also have on the 14th (which is National Day in France) and the 15th a BIG BIG BIG FESTIVAL with Capoera and break- dancers, skaters, BMX and roller-skaters, jugglists, your little sister plus live concerts all day : Reggae, Salsa, Drums, Didgeridoo, Boogie- Funky-Woogie, and Parisian top-Djs live and direct in your face! It's gonna be HUGE!!! The on-line registration form will be posted soon; every level and nationality is of course welcome!

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