Todexon Cup Freestyle Tournament

Tournament Results

Todexon Cup Freestyle Tournament


Jan Struz

Phone: (00420) 603 435 677
Husinec 47, Rez
Czech Republic
February 5, 2000  (concluded)
Club Luxor
Praha, Czech Republic
Events Offered:
Only Singles Freestyle

Manually Entered Results

1. Andrew McCargar 
2. David Latotzky
3. Jan Struz
4. Alex Michelewsky
5. Jendrik Schroder
6. Tomas Tyrpekl
7. Standa Kulhanek
8. Lars Schultz

The First Winter Cup in Czech Republic Todex Cup is a freestyle competition. Unique in Czech Republic. It will use better rating system then in previous czech competions and first time there will be a contest that introduces single freestyle to czech audience. We managed to get a luxurious place in center of historical Prague. In a passage reaching center of Venceslav Sq. - Club Luxor - and our friends that have this nice small place with round like arena that creates a great atmosphere - when all around u stand people.
Event Details:
a party after contest on the same place
prizes secured(very interesting-e.g. haircut of jor style,)

40KC - player fee
50KC - entry

for hotel info contact by mail
weather u want to see where the place is go to this map///--

---its in the orange passage thats on the right side of Square and has 
two glasses of beer sign, hotel sign, visa and repair sign.--
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