Texas State Footbag Championships

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Texas State Footbag Championships


Tina Lewis

Alias: tinalewis@footbag.org
Austin, TX
October 16-17, 1999  (concluded)
Zilker Park Rugby Field
Austin, Texas, USA
Events Offered:
Novice (free entry), intermediate, women's and open/pro
singles, doubles, mixed net (there will be prize money for 
mixed net), freestyle, golf, consecutives.  Entry fee is 
$35.00 for Pro, $25.00 for Intermediate and Free for 
Novice.  Entry includes a T-Shirt.
Event Details:
Texas State is open to all footbag players whether you live in Texas or not.  
Come enjoy Austin and kick with us!  Check later for more details re 
sponsors, sanctioning, hotel info etc. NOTE!! Well the dry weather has taken 
a toll on the grass so be ready to play on very dry grass and dirt.  
Hopefully we'll have nice weather.  We are near the entrance to Barton 
Springs Pool and entry is about $1.50 to swim so you can cool off easily.  I 
have a pool at my house for those willing to brave the cool (for Texas 
anyway) weather.

I'll post directions and some hotel numbers this afternoon.  Some floor space 
and camping space may be available.
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