1999 Montreal International Footbag Championship

Tournament Results

1999 Montreal International Footbag Championship


Martin Côté

E-mail: martincote@footbag.org
Phone: 5145211253
1820 Beaubien est
Montrèal, Quebec
July 2-4, 1999  (concluded)
Plage du parc des Iles de Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Events Offered:
Singles and doubles net+ mixt on Friday afternoon. Singles 
and Team freestyle. This is the WORLD'S warm-up everyone 
don't miss it. This year we shifted from La Ronde to the 
Beach. It's on the same islands, there's 5,000 bathers on a 
sunny day, it's gonna' be a lot of fun.

Manually Entered Results

Intermediate singles net
1. Eric Lardinois
2. Dan Kramer
3. Maude Landreville
4. Katia Couture

Intermediate doubles net
1. Maude Landreville - Marilyn Demuy
2. Marie-Ange Cossette-Trudel - Amelie Jolicoeur
3. Jean-Philippe Rochefort - Eric lardinois

Open mixte doubles net
1. Genevieve Bousquet - Patrick Asswad
2. Amy Westberg - Emmanuel Bouchard
3. Ann Laskin - Yves Archambault
3. Maude Landreville - Robert Lavigne

Open singles net
1. Emmanuel Bouchard
2. Yves Archambault (yes he's back)
3. Patrick Asswad
4. Martin Graton

Open doubles net
1. Emmanuel Bouchard - Sebastien Verdy
2. Yves Archambault - Martin Graton
3. Patrick Asswad - Andrew Morgan
4. Robert Lavigne - Pat Keehan

Open singles freestyle
1. Marc Conti
2. Josh Penney
3. Eric Lardinois

Intermediate singles freestyle
1. Ken Somolinos
2. Pierre-Pascal Gauthier
3. Marc Giard-Lariviere

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