Finnish Freestyle Festival '99

Tournament Results

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Finnish Freestyle Festival '99


Justin Sexton

March 13, 1999  (concluded)
Toolo Sportcenter
Helsinki, Finland
Events Offered:
Open Freestyle
Intermediate Freestyle
Shred Contest

Manually Entered Results

Here are the results from the final round at the Finnish Freestyle Festival '99:

Intermediate Division

1. Samuli Viitanen 
2. Petri Sievšnen
3. Jere Karalahti 
4. Ville Laakso
5. Joni Kallio
6. Janne Eronen

Pro Division

1. Justin Sexton
2. Mika Koistinen
3. Ilkka Malin
4. Juho Vesa
5. Lauri Ahonen
6. Juha Linnanen

Shred contest:

1. Mika Koistinen
2. Juho Vesa
3. Justin Sexton
4. Ilkka Malin
5. Lauri Ahonen
6. Juha Linnanen

In the middle of snow and ice gather all the Finnish freestylers in to a grand freestyle winter festival held in Toolo Sportcenter, downtown Helsinki.
Event Details:
Finnish Footbag Association presents:

Name: Finnish Freestyle Festival '99
Date: March 13th, 1999
Place: Toolo Sportscenter, downtown Helsinki city.
Entry fee: 50 marks (10$), includes lunch & dinner.

This freestyle tournament is only for players. We are not inviting media 
because we want to give a chance for the new freestylers to try competing 
without the big croud. The media room is used for the players meeting, showing 
footbag videos and eating lunch/dinner while watching videos. There will be 
competition and a shred contest, but there will also be a tons of shredding, 
meeting other players, teaching new players and having a great time.

There is a place at the Finnish Olympic Stadium, which is right beside
the site and it is a very much used residence for the
international competitors at the other sports events held in Finland.
They have rooms for two people, four people and group rooms for 5-9
people. Prices are:

85 marks = 15 $ for person in the room for two
75 marks = 13 $ for person in the room for four
60 marks = 11 $ for person in the room for 5-9 people 

You pay extra 3 $ to have clean sheets for all the time you are there,
it is worth it, I don't think you should try to bring your own. BTW, for
some reason they don't allow sleeping bags. They have a breakfast buffet
for 5 $.

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