Finnish Footbag Open 1998

Tournament Results

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Finnish Footbag Open 1998


Justin Sexton

September 26-27, 1998  (concluded)
Tali Soccer Innerstadium / Toolo Sportcenter
Helsinki, Finland
Events Offered:
Singles net
Doubles net
Intermediate singles net
Intermediate doubles net

Manually Entered Results

I am proud to announce you the results of the biggest footbag tournament
ever held in Europe. We had total of 57 competitors. Here are the best

Intermediate freestyle:

1st Jan Zimmerman (Germany)
2nd Ole Shnack (Germany)
3rd Lauri Ahonen 

Intermediate Singles net:

1st Jan Zimmerman (Germany)
2nd Eero Milonoff
3rd Joonas Saartamo

Intermediate Doubles net:

1st Joonas Saartamo & Ville Schutt
2nd Antti Putkonen & Lasse Liimatta
3rd Aleksi Hirvonen & Eero Milonoff 

Pro Freestyle:

1st Mika Koistinen
2nd Ilkka Malin
3rd Juho Vesa / Justin Sexton

Pro Singles net:

1st Tuomas Kärki
2nd Jukka Peltola
3rd Justin Sexton

Pro Doubles net:

1st Jesse Fryckman & Tuomas Karki
2nd Jukka Peltola & Justin Sexton
3rd Jesse Ruotsalainen & Olli Savoilainen

The Best spirit of the tournament award:

Antti Putkonen

Event Details:
Finnish Footbag Association proudly presents;

2nd annual Finnish Footbag Open Championships 1998, the biggest tournament in 
Europe ever will be held in Helsinki, Finland September 26th & 27th. For 
finals we have an awesome site, right downtown Helsinki, next to the Olympic 
Stadium. A lot of other big sport events that are held in Finland happend in 
the same place, for example the Finnish Basketball Championships.
The tournament is sanctioned by the IFAB.


Singles net
Doubles net
Intermediate singles net
Intermediate doubles net

Entry fee: 50 marks = 10 $, includes a Tournament T-shirt & a WFA rulebook.

Tournament schedule:

Saturday September 26th, Tali's innersoccer Stadium: 

9:00 Players meeting & warm-up
10:00 Preliminarys begin

Sunday September 27th, Töölö's Sportcenter:

12:00 Freestyle
15:00 Singles net 3rd place
16:00 Doubles net 3rd place
17:00 Freestyle finals
18:00 Singles net finals
19:00 Doubles net finals
20:00 Award ceremony 


There is a place at the Finnish Olympic Stadium, which is right beside the 
finals site and it is a very much used residence for the international 
competitors at the other sports events held in Finland. They have rooms for 
two people, four people and group rooms for 5-9 people. Prices are:

85 marks = 15 $ for person in the room for two
75 marks = 13 $ for person in the room for four
60 marks = 11 $ for person in the room for 5-9 people 

You pay extra 3 $ to have clean sheets for all the time you are there, it is 
worth it, I don't think you should try to bring your own. BTW, for some reason 
they don't allow sleeping bags. They have a breakfast buffet for 5 $. Only 
little thing about the place is that you will have to be back inside at 2 am, 
but it is right downtown so it is very convenient to get to, even from a bar.

If you contact us soon enough we should be able to get you a place where you 
could stay for free! 


Let us know how you are travelling, we will try to pick you up from the Train 
station, Busterminal, Airport etc. The public transpotation is real 
convienient in Helsinki, and it is very easy to use. We will still try to get 
you around as much as we can.

Please, contact us before the 18th of September if you are planning on coming, 
so we can make the required arrangements, to have everything ready for you 
when you come. 

We wish everybody wellcome to have a great weekend of footbag in Helsinki,

Justin Sexton,
Tournament director  
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