Seattle Alternative Sports Festival

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Seattle Alternative Sports Festival


Mike Grueter

July 24-26, 1998  (concluded)
Greenlake Park
Seattle, Washington, USA
Events Offered:
   Singles and Doubles Net

Frisbee World Freestyle Championships
   Open Pairs
   Women's Pairs
   Open Co-op (3-way)
   Mixed Pairs
   Junior Competition

In-line Skating


Wall Climbing
The Seattle Alternative Sports Festival, presented by the Freestyle Players Association, K-2 In-line Skates, the Cascade Jugglers, Vertical World, and Sound Footwork Footbag Club, will be held the weekend of July 24th, 25th, and 26th at Greenlake Park in Seattle. This unique and exciting event is open to entrants from all around the world, and features the following sports: FrisbeeŽ World Freestyle Championships, In-line Skating, Juggling, Wall Climbing, and Footbag.

Footbag is a competitive sport, similar to a popular game played with the Hacky Sack. At this tournament, players will compete in one or more of the following popular Footbag games: Footbag Net, a singles or doubles court game, like tennis or volleyball, where players use only their feet to kick the Footbag over a 5 foot high net; Footbag Freestyle where players choreograph routines filled with amazing moves to music; and Footbag Golf, similar in concept to regular golf or disc golf, where the players complete a course by kicking the Footbag into "holes" which are cones placed around the course.

Spectators and competitors of all abilities are welcome. This event offers Footbag competition for novice, advanced/intermediate, and open players. There will also be free Footbag events for first time competitors with prizes donated by sponsors. There will be special showcase performances of Footbag Net on Saturday, July 25th at noon, and Footbag Freestyle on Sunday, July 26th at 12:30 pm. Top players from around the world will be competing in the Footbag Net final rounds that begin at around 3:00 pm on Sunday, July 26th. There is no admission charge for spectators.

For information about the sports other than Footbag featured at this event, see the related links above.

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