1997 Seattle Fall Indoor Tournament

Tournament Results

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1997 Seattle Fall Indoor Tournament


Jim Cobb

Alias: @footbag.org
November 8-9, 1997  (concluded)
Magnolia Community Center
Seattle, Washington, USA
Events Offered:
Low or No Entry Fee
Small Small Prizes
A bracket for any Net category with at least 4 competitors
But Sorry - no Mixes Doubles

Manually Entered Results

Women's Singles:
1. Amy Westberg
2. Becca English-Ross
3. Juliet Pendray
4. Kyle Beauliv

Open Singles:
1. Rick Bates
2. Jake Leong
3. Dave Bernard
4. Yo Kelley

Open Doubles:
1. Jake Leong/Andy Ronald
2. Chris Routh/Dave Bernard
3. Scott Milne/Jim Derricott
4. Chard Cook/James Holkko

Open Golf:
1. Jim Derricott  27
2. Steve Dusablon  29
3. Rick Bates  30
4. Francois Leh  31

Singles Net, Doubles Net, Golf, Great Site, Great Competition, Great Fun, Great Folks, Men, Women!(?).Six courts. 9 a.m. sharp both days.
Event Details:
Singles through semifinals Saturday--9 a.m. sharp, please.
Doubles and Finals Sunday -- 9 a.m. sharp, please.
Done absolutely by 5 p.m. Sunday.

Magnolia Community Center:
2550 34th Ave. W. Seattle
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