New York Footbag EXPLOSION

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New York Footbag EXPLOSION


Joshua Penney

June 28-29, 1997  (concluded)
Central Park (next to Summerstage)
New York, New York, USA
Events Offered:
Events : Singles Freestyle (Novice, Intermediate and Open)
Singles and Doubles Net: (Intermediate and Open)

Entry Fees:
1st timers:   $15
Open:         $40

(add $5 per added event)
We will be offering prize money, please preregister by 6/20/97.

Manually Entered Results

Novice Freestyle:
1. Kaiser Ahmad
2. Dave Vermillion
3. Bill Kling
4. Amos Schumacher

Intermediate Freestyle:
1. Scott Fitzmorris
2. Jim McCoppin
3. Ian Brill
4. Jonathan Jessen

Open Freestyle
1. Eric Wulff
2. Tu Huge
3. Steve Goldberg 

This is the first of a new, annual professional footbag event in New York City! Hosted by the New York Footbag Association, this event will take place in beautiful Central Park on Saturday and Sunday, June 28-29, 1997. Sanctioned by the International Footbag Advisory Board, this prize- money event will be attended by professional footbag net and freestyle players from around the U.S. and Canada. First-time and intermediate competitors in all events are welcome to compete (see all the information below) or just come and kick it on the sidelines! This is a must-see event in NYC!
Event Details:
The freestyle site is located in, and in front of the Bandshell, next to 
Summerstage, at about 68th Street.  The nets will be set up on either
side of the mall, which is just south of there.

REGISTRATION is Friday night (June 27, 1997)"
   Quality Hotel 5th Avenue (3 East 40th St.)
   Steve Goldberg's room (ask at front desk)
   Hotel phone: 212-447-1500

Directions to hotel:
-- From the Great white North:
   87 to the Palisades Interstate Parkway to the George Washington Bridge.
   Take the Henry Hudson Parkway to 42nd street; the exit is on the left.

   Take 42nd to 5th avenue, turn onto fifth, travel two blocks to 40th and
   turn left.  The hotel is right there.

-- From the South:
   Take 95 to the Lincoln Tunnel and you're on 42nd street, on the west
   side.  Follow your nose or read the other directions.
   The toll is $4 US.


Setup and extremely late registration at the site at 9am.
Net starts at 10am, freestyle at 11am.

If things go quickly (which they won't considering the heat)
then we'll start later than that Sunday. 

Right now the Quality Hotel 5th Avenue is offering the best deal
($109 per night)in NYC. This is for an indeterminate time so call and 
make reservations now, at (212) 447-1500.
The address is 3 East 40th street. That's just east of Fifth Avenue, a 
block away from the Mid-Manhattan Library. 
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