V. Basque Tournament of Footbag Net (Individual)

Tournament Results

V. Basque Tournament of Footbag Net (Individual)


Egoitz Zelai

E-mail: campo_16@msn.com
Alias: egoitz@footbag.org
Phone: 692717278
Errebale 20, 1-C
Larrabetzu, Vizcaya, Basque Country
Site(s) TBA
Leioa, Bizkaia, Basque Country
Events Offered:
Today we will oganize the V. Basque Tournament of Footbag Net (Individual) in Artaza Park
(Leioa, Basque Country). I hope to meet 6-8 players. We will organize the first round, and
winners will play semifinals and then the last rounds; a match for the 3 and 4 position
and the final. I wish to have a great time.

Manually Entered Results

The last saturday, 25th of february, the 
Basque Association of Beach Tennis and 
Minority Sports organized the V. Basque 
Tournament of Footbag Net (Individual) 
the Artaza Park (Leioa - Basque Country). We 
met 6 players and we enjoyed 
playing although our level is low. One new 
player came and liked the footbag. 
Maximo. He lives at Bilbao since he was 15 
years old but he was born in Russia. 
We played three rounds: 1. round, semifinals 
and 3 and 4 position match and 
the final. These were the results:

1. round

Maximo Kulachenok 10-6 Andi Erromo
Luis Getxo 10-8 Javier Pignoise


Egoitz Campo 10-5 Maximo Kulachenok
Luis Getxo 10-4 Joseba Zubiaurre

3 and 4 position match

Joseba Zubiaurre 10-9 Maximo Kulachenok


Egoitz Campo 10-6 Luis Getxo


1-Egoitz Campo (Basque Country)
2-Luis Getxo (Basque Country)
3-Joseba Zubiaurre (Basque Country)
4-Maximo Kulachenok (Basque Country)
5-Javier Pignoise (Basque Country)
6-Andi Erromo (Basque Country)

Event Details:
In Artazar park we will make two courts to play the V. 
Basque Tournament of 
Footbag net (Individual). 
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