IFPA Online World Footbag Freestyle Championships

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IFPA Online World Footbag Freestyle Championships


Sergio Garcia

E-mail: Sergio.gabad@gmail.com
Alias: seronoser@footbag.org
Phone: 690696981
Riolobos 4

Wiktor Debski

Alias: wiktordebski@footbag.org
Phone: 00 48 503 111 982
Sarmacka 14A m1
Site(s) TBA
Worldwide, The Globe
Events Offered:
Freestyle Routines (Intermediate/Women/60-90sec, Open 90-120sec, Doubles 150-180sec)
Shred Off!
Introduction We are pleased to make an official announcement for the IFPA Online Freestyle Footbag World Championships 2020. The online tournament will feature competition very similar to the events held at the actual World Championships, except players will have to compete remotely from home and not together at the same venue. Due to the current pandemic that is sadly affecting the entire world, and our ability to travel anywhere has been significantly hindered, for now, we are creating an online event we hope the whole world of Freestyle Footbag players will be able to join. We want to underline that the event is run by IFPA and will represent the highest standard of organisation and judging.
Event Details:
The concept of this tournament is simple: record a video showing your best 
skills for every event you want to participate and send them to us! The 
footbag competitions you participate in during the next couple of months will 
be filmed by you, of you competing, and then submitted to our tournament 
coordinators. We will then publish all player submissions together, while 
certified judges watch simultaneously and give scores. The Global Final is 
set for the 1st of August 2020, showcased Live from our Studio. The show will 
cover top players’ videos, live commentary, special guests, video calls with 
the judges, and possibly … the BAP induction! This is a Prize Money Event! We 
are building a separate fund that will go to the best freestylers! If you 
want to add your coin, please donate to our dedicated paypal account. Real 
trophies and medals will be shipped worldwide to the winners. This is the 
same community and footbag passion you would normally see at the IFPA Footbag 
World Championships, except instead of you on an actual stage performing 
amongst friends, it will be your own best self-made video submission on 
“stage.” The only thing between us is our computer screens.
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