II.Basque Tournament of Footbag (Net - Individual)

Tournament Results

II.Basque Tournament of Footbag (Net - Individual)


Egoitz Zelai

E-mail: campo_16@msn.com
Alias: egoitz@footbag.org
Phone: 692717278
Errebale 20, 1-C
Larrabetzu, Vizcaya, Basque Country
Site(s) TBA
Derio, Bizkaia, Basque Country
Events Offered:
Tomorrow we will meet 4-8 players to play the second edition of the Basque Tournament of
Footbag (Net - Individual)- I hope to have a good tiem and enjoy.

Manually Entered Results

Although we are in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, we were able to meet 
and play II. Basque Footbag Tournament (Net - Individual) in Larrabetzu 
(Basque Country). However,  we could not dispute it in Trapaganán but in 
Larrabetzu, at my parents' house as a result of the movement restrictions that 
have been decreed in the Basque Country, and in all of Spain. We get together 
in the house they my parents have in countryside. There we set up a net and we 
played all against all. Just three players. The next time, probably in july we 
will gather on the beach (in Getxo)more players, I hope.


Egoitz Campo 6-1 Darlyn Mendoza
Darlyn Mendoza 1-0 Lisandra Cruz
Egoitz Campo 8-3 Lisandra Cruz

Classification of the II. Basque Tournament of Footbaf (Net - Individual) 2020

1-Egoitz Campo
2-Darlyn Mendoza
3-Lisandra Cruz

As I have mentioned we will go to the "fronton" of Ugarte and thre we will put the nets to play the second edition of the Basque Tournament of Footbag (Net). The first edition we played last year in august and this year we have decided to start the year with the individual one for healthy reasons. We hope to enjoy a lot.
Event Details:
We will play 4-8 matches from 6 to 6:45 pm and then we will know who is the 
best basque player.
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