I. Basque Tournament of Footbag Net (Individual)

Tournament Results

I. Basque Tournament of Footbag Net (Individual)


Egoitz Zelai

E-mail: campo_16@msn.com
Alias: egoitz@footbag.org
Phone: 692717278
Errebale 20, 1-C
Larrabetzu, Vizcaya, Basque Country
Site(s) TBA
Bilbao, Vizcaya, Basque Country, Spain
Events Offered:
Footbag Net (Individual)

Manually Entered Results

I. Basque Tournament of Footbag Net (Individual)

23-08-2019    Bilbao, Basque Country

We gathered 5 players to play the basque national tournament in the fronton 
of Olabeaga (Bilbao). Before starting each match the players decided how 
mony points wanted to play. Some players wanted to play longer or shorter 
matches. The next time we will play all the matches until 15 points.


Preliminary match

Egoitz Campo 25-15 Ander López


Egoitz Campo 20-18 Jesus Cousillas
David Montfulleda 6-1 Tomas Beriashvili

3º and 4º position match

Tomas Beriashvili 10-6 Jesus Cousillas


Egoitz Campo 13-11 David Montfulleda

Final Classification

1-Egoitz Campo (Basque Country)
2-David Montfulleda (Basque Country)
3-Tomas Beriashvili (Georgia)
4-Jesus Cousillas (Basque Country)
5-Ander López (Basque Country)

We will meet in the "fronton" of Olabeaga (Bilbao). There we will put two courts and we will play semifinals and final. 4-5 players. If we gather more than 8 players we will play, quarter finals, semifinals, 3º and 4º match and the final usign the two courts.
Event Details:
Time 16:30-17:30. 4-8 matches. We will play short matches. The player who 
wins 6 points will win the match. Fast tournament.
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