I. Ereaga Footbag Net Tournament (Doubles) 2019

Tournament Results

I. Ereaga Footbag Net Tournament (Doubles) 2019


Egoitz Zelai

E-mail: campo_16@msn.com
Alias: egoitz@footbag.org
Phone: 692717278
Errebale 20, 1-C
Larrabetzu, Vizcaya, Basque Country
Site(s) TBA
Getxo, Bizkaia, Basque Country
Events Offered:
We will play a tournament of Footbag Net on the beach of Ereaga (Getxo, Basque Country).
The idea is to be a double tournament, but if we are less than 6 players we will play
individual tournament.

Manually Entered Results

We played a tournament of Footbag net the last sunday, 28 of july, in Ereaga 
(Getxo - Basque Country. We gathered 8 players, 4 doubles and we played 
semifinals, 3 and 4 position match and the final. Finally the best players 
were Jairo and Juan.We played until 10 points.

We will play again in august the I. Basque National Tournament of Footbag 
Net (Individual and Doubles). Maybe the 10 the doubles  and the 24 the 
individual. Or maybe both tournaments the 24 of august We will see.

I. Ereaga Footbag Net Tournament (Doubles)


Abdula and Ismael 10 - 8 Egoitz Campo and Darlyn Mendoza
Juan and Jairo 10-9 Jon Cousillas and Hector

3 and 4 position match

Jon Cousillas and Hector 10-7 Egoitz Campo and Darlyn Mendoza


Juan and Jairo 10-8 Abdula and Ismael


1-Juan and Jairo
2-Abdula and Ismael
3-Jon Cousillas and Hector
4-Egoitz Campo and Darlyn Mendoza

All players from Bilbao, near towns and people who want to learn to play can come to play to Footbag and take part in the tournament. We want the Footbag to grow in Basque Country little by litte.
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