Ohio Footbag Jam

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Ohio Footbag Jam


Anthony Ritz

E-mail: anthony.l.ritz@gmail.com
Alias: TonyStyle@footbag.org
Phone: 814-431-4139
Cleveland, OH
Centralized Location (T.B.A.), Ohio, USA
Events Offered:
Freestyle, and Net

Manually Entered Results

I had a wonderful time at the Ohio Jam, thanks to Sarah and Sean!

The Jordans truely live in a unique and beautiful part of Ohio. Lima, Oh has 
all of the qualities of a large city with a small population. It was the last 
city in the US to produce locomotive steam engines. As such they have a steam 
punk theme. The park that we played at was Faurout Park, it's name exceeds 
it's expectations! They have the largest free skate park I've personally seen.

All in all we had enough for six doubles teams just from the locals. Rotating 
4 square, and a large freestyle circle!

O.F.P.A. proudly invites you to take some time out and enjoy a day in the park. We will be attempting to locate a centralized park, surrounding Ohio Footbag Players. All are welcome. If enough interest we can split on a hotel for a two- day gathering. Carpooling is encouraged and available. Anthony.l.ritz@gmail.com / 814-431-4139
Event Details:
Keep a lookout for the Ohio 2020 Jam!!!
Centralized between Columbus, Chicago, Detroit, and 
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