Bag Brothers Cup II

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Bag Brothers Cup II


Arkadiusz Patryk Stanek

Phone: 729-275-083
Wroc³aw, Dolnoslaskie
SOK - Strzelin Cultural Center
Strzelin, Dolnoslaskie, Poland
Events Offered:
I invite you to freestyle footbag jam in Poland. We will play main competitions - sick3,
big one and battle. We will play a lot of shred. Acomodation and after party will take
place in Wroclaw.
Event Details:
Come to Wroclaw and go with other players to our destination - Strzelin.
When it comes to accommodation, ask the organizers.

9.02 Saturnday
start at 14:00 in SOK (Strzelin Cultural Center)
17:00 - Sick 3
17:30 - Big One
18:00 - Footbag Battle
19:00 - 20:00 - Hardcore shred

22:00 - Afterparty in Wroclaw

10.02 Sunday
Chillout, shred, sightseeing in Wroclaw
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