2018 US Freestyle Footbag Open

Tournament Results

2018 US Freestyle Footbag Open


Jeremy Mirken

E-mail: jeremy.mirken@gmail.com
Alias: TheSpecialist@footbag.org
Phone: 520 975 3399
Oakland, CA

Aaron R. Clevenger

E-mail: aaronthevetstudent@gmail.com
Alias: Amerareefakan@footbag.org
Phone: 7654218147
Tucson, AZ
Rio Hotel and Casino- SkillCon 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Events Offered:

Manually Entered Results

US Open Results: 

Open Routines:
9th: Ken Moller 
8th: Sean Nyman
7th: Ben Barrows
6th: Wiktor Debski
5th: Daryl Genz
4th: Grant Redding
3rd: Matt Kemmer
2nd Mathieu Gauthier
1st: Brian Sherrill 

Open Circle: 

Final Circle: 
4th: Mathieu Gauthier
3rd: Matt Kemmer
2nd: Skyler Lon Smith
1st: Jim Penske

Request Competition:
3rd: Matt Kemmer
2nd: Skyler Lon Smith
1st: Jim Penske

The 2018 US Footbag Championships are proud to once again be a part of the Moxie Games SkillCon Convention featuring freestyle footbag for the second year in a row. This December at the Rio Hotel and Casino, be a part of this exciting and colorful event host to the world's greatest up and coming freestyle sports. The indoor venue is vast and filled with both spectators and competitors, as well as various media coverage. Here before thousands of people we will present and crown a US Champion for Freestyle Footbag.
Event Details:
Official SkillCon page:

The Rio Hotel and Casino:

Events Offered:

Freestyle Footbag:

-Open Routines
-Open Circle

-Intermediate Routines
-Intermediate Circle

(If Competitors available)

-Women's Routine
-Women's Circle

For freestyle schedule and updates please see the SkillCon Freestyle Footbag 
Webpage at:
Kenneth Moller 
Sean Nyman
Derrick Fogle
Ryan Morris
Jim Penske
Skyler Lon Smith
Ethan Red Husted
Wiktor Dębski
Brian Sherrill
Mathieu Gauthier
Johnny 'Breakdown' Sarah
Daryl Genz
Matthew Kemmer
Grant Redding
Daniel Greer  
and more!

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