2018 Mud Belt presented by Memphis Footworks

Tournament Results

2018 Mud Belt presented by Memphis Footworks


Walt Rex Houston

E-mail: walthouston7@gmail.com
3942 Appling Road
Bartlett, TN
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open Singles net, open doubles net, intermediate and women's singles and doubles net if 2
or more teams register.

Manually Entered Results

2018 Mud Island Belt was a success and a 
fun time was had by all. There was alot of 
good times, great playing, and great food 
that was enjoyed. The weather held out so 
we were able to return the tournament to 
Mud Island for the first time in 2 years. 
The hometown boys, Walt Houston and Ben 
Alston once again secured their title 
belts over Chris Seibert and Dan Greer. 
The singles title was completed for by Ben 
Alston and Dan Greer with Dan victorious 
in 2 games. Big thanks to all the 
competitors for making the trip to 


Open Singles Net

1. Dan Greer
2. Benjamin Alston
3. Jim Hogan
4. Chris Siebert
5. Anthony Ritz
6. Samuel Hogan

Open Doubles Net

1. Walt Houston / Benjamin Alston
2. Chris Siebert / Dan Greer
3. Jeremy Mirken / Fletcher Funk
4. Anthony Ritz / Jim Hogan 

Details TBA.
Event Details:
Details tba
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