20th Annual IFPA European Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

20th Annual IFPA European Footbag Championships


Grega Morel

E-mail: gregor.morel@gmail.com
Alias: gregor.morel@footbag.org

Lena Mlakar

E-mail: hakilena@gmail.com
Alias: lena@footbag.org
Phone: +386 40 428 236
Ul. Gorenjskega odreda 16
Site(s) TBA
Kranj, Slovenia
Host Club:
Events Offered:
net: open singles, women's singles, open doubles, women's doubles, mixed doubles
freestyle: open singles routines, women's routines, open doubles routines, open circle
contest, women's circle contest, shred:30
sideline events: golf, mini net

Manually Entered Results


1. Patrik Cerny 
2. Damian Gielnicki
3. Arkadiusz Stanek
4. Vasek Klouda
5. Dominik Simku 
6. Jakub Mościszewski
7. Rafał Kaleta
8. Paweł Nowak
9. Alex Trenner
10. Christoph Larndorfer
11. Matija Podbreznik


1. Vasek Klouda
2. Arkadiusz Stanek
3. Jakub Mościszewski
4. Rafał Kaleta
5. Christoph Larndorfer
6. Paweł Nowak
7. Damian Gielnicki
8. Patrik Cerny
9. Matthias Schmidt
10. Matija Podbreznik
11. Janis Thal

Sick 3:

1. Rafał Kaleta (Ps Eggbeater>Symp. Torque>Ps Twirl)
2. Jakub Mościszewski (Fairy Swirling DLO>Phoenix>Locomotion)
3. Paweł Nowak (Atomic Motion>Blury Whirl>Motion Sickness)
4. Patrik Cerny (Pixie Ducking Cliper>Ps Whirl>Double Spin. Cliper)

Request Contest:

1. Damian Gielnicki
2. Arkadiusz Stanek
3. Rafał Kaleta
4. Paweł Nowak
5. Jakub Mościszewski
6. Matthias Schmidt
7. Janis Thal, Christoph Larndorfer
9. Christoph Alexander, Matija Podbreznik


Women Singles:

1. Lena Mlakar Jereb 
2. Irena Pelko
3. Yulia Klouda
4. Heike Koller
5. Audrey Tumelin

Women Doubles:

1. Yulia Klouda & Heike Koller 
2. Lena Mlakar Jereb & Irena Pelko 
3. Audrey Tumelin & Sladzana Dzukanovic

Mixed Doubles:

1. Wiktor Debski & Lena Mlakar Jereb 
2. Yves Kreil & Yulia Klouda 
3. Aleš Pelko & Irena Pelko
4. Antonio Fritsch & Heike Koller
5. Grischa Tellenbach & Audrey Tumelin

Open Doubles:

1. Karim Daouk & Arthur Ledain 
2. Yassin Khateeb & Yves Kreil 
3. Wiktor Debski & Wojciech Jamski
4. Tammo Rockel & Radoslav Rusev
5. Antonio Fritsch & Felix Ostwaldt
6. Gregor Morel & Grischa Tellenbach
7. Eurik Lindner & Andreas Wolff
8. Aleš Pelko & Jaka Stare
9. Jakub Grabarczyk & Pawel Rozek
10. Milan Ardalić & Maciej Samborowski
11. Michał Klimczak & Michal Rog
12. Steve Kuntze & Robin Püchel
13. Silwan Daouk & Jari John
14. Łukasz Domin & Maciej Pietrzycki
15. Mitja Grebenc & Ibrahim Zanati

Open Singles:

1. Karim Daouk 
2. Arthur Ledain 
3. Pawel Rozek
4. Wojciech Jamski
5. Tammo Rockel
6. Jaka Stare
7. Michał Klimczak
8. Gregor Morel
9. Damian Budzik
10. Eurik Lindner
11. Andreas Wolff
12. Aleš Pelko
13. Steve Kuntze
14. Michal Rog
15. Felix Ostwaldt
16. Jakub Grabarczyk
17. Pavel Hejra
18. Silwan Daouk
19. Radoslav Rusev
20. Robin Püchel
21. Lukasz Domin
22. Jari John
23. Maciej Pietrzycki
24. Maciej Samborowski
25. Mitja Grebenc
26. Ibrahim Zanati


1. Janis Thal
2. Rafał Kaleta
3. Michał Klimczak
4. Michał Róg
5. Damian Budzik
5. Paweł Rożek
7. Damian Gielnicki
8. Arkadiusz Stanek
9. Paweł Nowak
10. Łukasz Domin
11. Maciej Pietrzycki
12. Ervin Pahulje
13. Jakub Mościszewski


After 15 years of listening to your complaints about not organizing any events in Slovenia we finally gave up and decided to host 20th European Footbag Championships in our home town. So pack you bags, shine the shoes, train hard (because we are), open your beer, come to Slovenia, and celebrate these two important anniversaries with us.

Event Details:
Kranj is the fourth-largest city in Slovenia. The town's medieval centre is charming, with centuries old houses and lovely paved streets. Kranj’s special features are the tunnels that spread beneath the majority of the old town centre and a walking trail in a 30 metre-deep canyon. Get immersed in nature without even leaving the centre. The hills of Šmarjetna and Saint Jošt are ideal for a short trip and offer stunning views of the mountains and the valley. From the old town, you can reach the countryside and the foothills of the Alps in the blink of an eye. Only 30 minute drive to the south is the romantic capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, while 30 minutes to the north, the fairytale scenery of Bled awaits you.
More about city and geting around you can find on http://www.visitkranj.com/en/
Registration fee is 40 € - players pack and food (breakfast and lunch) included.
We made reservation for hostel – student dorms. There will be enough space for everyone. In registration form you'll be asked to choose what type of accomodation you want. Hostel – student dormitory
If you'd like a private accomodation or better rooms, you should start looking for it and make a resevation soon as the capacities are quite limited. Some of these places should meet your demands:
In old town center: 
Cukrarna Hostel
Actum Hotel  
Close to old town center:
Boltez Apartments
On the outskirts of the town (maybe 15 min walk to the sports hall):
Azul Hotel
Jože Pučnik Airport = Airport Ljubljana = Airport Brnik = Ljubljana Fraport
Our main Airport has many names but don't be confused. If you're flying to Slovenia it will probably be LJU. Transportation from Jože Pučnik airport to Kranj is good, except on weekends and holidays. The bus will take you to Kranj every hour or you can order shuttle in advance. We recomend taking a bus, it costs only 1,80 € and it takes around 20 min.
To/from the airport
Sadly, there will be no buses to the airport on Sunday and Monday (June 25th is Slovenain national holiday) but don't worry - we'll make sure to organize shuttle transports to the airport. Or you could take a walk on the wild side and take a bus or a train to our capital city Ljubljana, do some sightseeing (Ljubljana is very small so you don't need much time) and then take a bus to the airport. 
Venice Airport, Zagreb Airport, Trieste Airport
You can travel with low-cost airlines (like we usually do) from nearest airports in Italy or Croatia and then take Goopti or FlixBus to get here and back. You can get some amazingly cheap deals from all major cities in Europe.
There are many other options for transport - you can check some of them here: www.visitkranj.com
If you need any help with transportation, let us know and we'll try to help you find the best possible option.
Transportation around town:
There are local buses during the day (daily ticket costs only 1 €) or you can take a taxi. You could also just walk (Kranj is small ;))
There is one uber-like service in Slovenia: cammeo.
The finals will take place in the town center. Space is not huge, but it's big enough for one net court and other activities (football freestyle, mini net…) that will take place during that day. We are planning a mini net competition and other footbag related workshops in the morning, when there are a lot of people in town, and we hope we can count on you to be there. In between the net and freestyle finals we can make some spike demonstrations, takraw... We will have a good sound system and official DJ all day. Local tourist office offered us to set up stands with fresh, varied food and drinks in the afternoon.
We are tying to prepare a schedule that doesn't take all day, so you'll be able to explore our small town, take a hike or bike, or just chill out. There will be some evening entertainment every night, but save your energy for the big final party games!
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