37th Annual Moonin' & Noonin' Footbag Beaver Open

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37th Annual Moonin' & Noonin' Footbag Beaver Open


Paul David Vorvick

Alias: Vorvick@footbag.org
Phone: 503-740-9022
Tigard, OR
Site(s) TBA
OCF Site, Eugene, Oregon, USA
Events Offered:
Pro/Am Draw-Partners Net, Spontaneous Freestyle, Unstructured 4square and 2square, Random
Footbag Golf, Amazing Glow-in-the-Dark Golf, Beaver Theater, Cribbage, Bizz Buzz, Super
Beaver and much, much more.
ATTN: Use this email address: vorvick (dot) home (at) frontier (dot) com
Event Details:
Event Details:

***Participation in the Beaver Open is by RESERVATION ONLY***

ACTUAL DATES of the Event are Saturday, Sept 2, through Monday Sept 4
(Early arrival on Thurs, Aug 31, or Fri, Sept 1)

Reservations will be taken by U.S. Mail OR through our on-line reservation 
system only, postmarked/submitted by Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017
***There is no on-site registration.***

To learn more, and to get on the email list, send your request along with 
your footbag.org Member Name to vorvick (dot) home (at) frontier (doc) com

Unique in the world of footbag, the Moonin' & Noonin' Beaver Open is an 
event that encourages everyone's involvement.  In other words, come to 
participate rather than spectate.

The heart of the event is the Pro/Am Net tournament, where experienced 
players are paired with inexperienced players with the goal of promoting 
and teaching the game.  This same attitude permeates the freestyle, 
footbag golf, circle kicking and multiple other activities (like cooking 
and cleaning) that take place.

The Beaver Open is also a camping event, so expect a semi-rustic 
environment with running water, showers, porta-potties and limited 
electricity.  You'll need a tent, sleeping gear, cooking gear, and your 

The Moonin' & Noonin' Beaver Open has taken place in Oregon every Labor 
Day weekend since 1981, is funded strictly by entry fees, and is the 
longest running footbag tournament in the history of the game (murmur).

Kickers of all styles and abilities are welcome.  Come to learn, come to 
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