Tenth Annual Windy City Cup Footbag Net Championships

Tournament Results

Tenth Annual Windy City Cup Footbag Net Championships


Scot W. Hansen

Alias: scothansen@footbag.org
Wheaton, IL
Humboldt Park
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
Footbag net in all its forms.

Manually Entered Results

Open Singles Net

1. Dan Greer
2. Chris Siebert
3. Tony Ritz
4. Jim Hogan
5. Ted Martin
6. Edwin Veltman
7. Jake Dodd
8. Marty Pascual

Open Doubles Net

1. Chris Siebert / Dan Greer
2. Tony Ritz / Jake Dodd
3. Jim Hogan / Marty Pascual
4. Ted Martin / Tom Whitworth (s)
5. Scot Hansen / Cory Current
6. Vince Pontarelli / Edwin Veltman

See windycitycup.org for all of the details.
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