Cardinal Cup Freestyle @ Stanford

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Cardinal Cup Freestyle @ Stanford


Steve Goldberg

Facebook: » Steve Goldberg
San Carlos, CA
White Plaza
Stanford, California, USA
Events Offered:
intermediate singles routines, women's singles routines, open singles routines
Spend an afternoon playing freestyle footbag with the Stanford club and our special guest visitor, Rory Dawson!

We will be near our usual spot in White Plaza -- most likely on or in front of the stage next to Dinkelspiel Auditorium, or else at or in front of the "Bird Cage" structure just next to there. (See for details on our regular kicking location which is where the event will take place.)

We will offer Open Singles Routines competition, but only if 3 or more players are there and want to compete. Otherwise, we'll just play and have fun!

Note: we will not play all day. We will only play from 1:30pm at the earliest, to 4pm at the latest. If you would like to attend and/or compete, be sure to arrive no later than 2pm and plan to stay at least until 3:30pm.

Registration is free and easy - just arrive before 2pm to register for Open Singles Routines. If fewer than 3 people register by 2pm, we will forego competition but anyone interested in demonstrating their routine is welcome to do so at 2:30pm instead of the competition.

Event Details:
Our usual spot in (or near) White Plaza on the Stanford University Campus. We will
likely play on the outdoor concrete stage next to Dinkelspiel Auditorium, or else if
it's too hot, we may go to the area in front of the Bird Cage structure in White
Plaza.  (All these areas are described on the club page linked above.)

On weekends, parking is FREE in the pay lot just next to Tresidder Union. See the map
and directions linked on the Stanford Footbag Club page linked above, but do not pay
for parking! It is definitely 100% guaranteed to be free.

1:30pm - Start of check-in
2:00pm - Warm up for competition (cut-off for registration/check-in for competition)
2:30pm - Open Singles Routines
3:00pm - Fun shred and/or other impromptu events
4:00pm - Wind-down


That's it! Not a big event this year, folks! :-)

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