U.S. Open Footbag Net Championships 2016

Tournament Results

U.S. Open Footbag Net Championships 2016


Kendall KIC

Alias: ExDirector@footbag.org
3550 SW Kanan Drive
Portland, OR
Hammerle Park, 1505 Lewis Street
West Linn, Oregon, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open Singles and Doubles Footbag Net,Mixed Doubles Footbag Net, Women's Singles and Doubles
Footbag Net, Intermediate Singles and Doubles Footbag Net

Manually Entered Results

US Open Footbag Net Championships Hammerle Park, West Linn Oregon June 25-26, 
What a beautiful weekend and location for the 29th annual US Open Footbag Net 
Championships.  Perfect weather greeted the laid back crew and 29 competitors.  
Plenty of nets, a covered picnic area and even a spray ground! Tricia nailed 
down the site, provided lodging and hosted the Bellagios pizza feast Sunday 
night, Chris Siebert got the line painting crew together. Alex and Rachel worked 
the grill. Amazing Orchid leis for the winners were provided by Amy Gebhart.
When you need a cool footbag, think about supporting our sponsors. Special 
thanks to Reed Gray, the World Footbag Association, Flying Clipper, Bellagios 
and Cale McCoy of 67 Design for the logo.
What was my job, pray tell? Well, I am the official prize gatherer, keeper of 
the clip boards, supplier of all supplies, in charge of food procurement, 
preregistration party host, the cheapest bookkeeper in the world, sponsor and 
volunteer communication director. But wait, there is more!  I am also the wife 
and mother of US Open Footbag Net Champions! That must be why I do it.
If you like to plan your summer a year in advance, here are some dates. The 30th 
US Open Footbag Net Championships will be held on June 24-25, 2017.  Chris Dean 
the fearless director of Worlds 2017 has confirmed the event will kick off at a 
lovely Portland park on Monday, August 6, 2017, then indoors at the Convention 
Center with semi and finals of Footbag Net taking place at The Bite Festival at 
Waterfront Park on August 11 -  13, 2017.
Open Singles Net
1 Jasper Shults
2 Patrick Weinberg
3 Edwin Veltman
4 Joey Monti-Vu
Open Doubles Net
1 Kenny Shults / Tuan Vu
2 David Bernard III / Rob Adams (aka Fly High / Sand Dollar
3 Chris Siebert / Chris Cleaver
4 Steve Dusablon / Patrick Wienberg
5 Joey Monti-Vu / Jasper Shults
6 Becca English-Ross / Julie Symons
7 Leanne Makcrow / Edwin Veltman
Women?s Singles Net
1 Becca English-Ross
2 Sarah Femmel
3 Leanne Makcrow
Women?s Doubles Net
1 Becca English-Ross / Julie Symons
2 Tricia George / Sarah Femmel
3 Heather Cook / Leanne Makcrow
4 Renee Johnson / Katie Storment
Mixed Doubles Net
1 Becca English-Ross / Kenny Shults
2 Chris Siebert / Julie Symons
3 Sarah Femmel / Steve Femmel
4 Jason Hicks / Leanne Makcrow
5 Heather Cook / Edwin Veltman
6 Tricia George / Patrick Weinberg
Intermediate Singles
1 Paul Vorvick
2 Steve Femmel
3 Jason Hicks
4 Jacob Kellams
5 Tim Rickards
6 Drake Shults
7 Peter Gardiner
8 Colton Ramstrom
9 Ben Johnson
Intermediate Doubles Net
1 Sarah Femmel / Steve Femmel
2 Tym Rickards / Paul Vorvick
3 Jason Hicks / Jacob Kellams
4 Peter Gardiner / Ben Johnson
5 Colton Ramstrom /Drake Shults

This will be the 29th consecutive year of the US Open Footbag Net (sometimes Freestyle) Championships. How about that!!! Please note the new venue. There will be a pre-registration dinner party at my house Friday from 6:00 to 9:30 pm (3550 SW Kanan Drive, Portland, OR 97221). Entry Fee is $45 for students and $50 for everyone else. If you want to come but money is a problem please contact me about the Reed Gray sponsorship fund! The entry fee includes a player pack with a tournament T-shirt, dinner Friday, lunch both days, warm fuzzy feelings, and the knowledge that you are supporting 2017 Worlds in Portland!
Event Details:
Preregistration Dinner Friday, June 24th 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Location: Kendall KIC?s house 3550 SW Kanan Drive, Portland OR 97221

Saturday June 25th Hammerle Park, West Linn, Oregon
8:30 am ? 5:00 pm Registration

Footbag Net Schedule
9:00 am Singles Net Players must be registered
9:15 am Singles Net Players Meeting followed by match play
12:00 pm Intermediate Singles Net 
12:00 pm Women?s Singles Net
1:30 pm ? 5:30 Doubles Net pools and brackets
5:30 pm ? 8:00 pm Mixed Doubles Net

Sunday June 26th   Hammerle Park
9:00 am ? 12:00 pm Registration Open

Net Event Schedule
9:30 am Single Net playoffs
11:30 pm Doubles Net playoffs
1:30 pm Mixed Doubles playoffs
3:00 pm Mixed Doubles Final
4:00 pm Open Doubles Final
5:00 pm Singles Final
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