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Peter Brocka

E-mail: brockapeter@gmail.com
Phone: +421907114967
Vajanskeho 6
Slovak Republic

Jan Struz

E-mail: dexter@footbag.org
Phone: (00420) 603 435 677
Husinec 47, Rez
Czech Republic

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Trnava, Slovakia
Events Offered:
net: open singles, women's singles, intermediate singles, open doubles, women's doubles,
mixed doubles, intermediate doubles

freestyle: open singles routines, women's routines, intermediate routines, open doubles
routines, open circle contest, women's circle contest, shred:30, sideline events

Results for 37th Annual IFPA WORLD FOOTBAG CHAMPIONSHIPS (2016)

Open Singles Net:

  1. Walt Houston (USA)
  2. Tuomas Kärki (Finland)
  3. Arthur Ledain (France)
  4. Jean-Francois Lemieux (France)
  5. Benjamin Alston (USA)
  6. Wiktor Debski (Poland)
  7. Wojciech Jamski (Poland)
  8. François Pelletier (Canada)
  9. Sébastien Maillet (France)
  10. Tammo Rockel (Germany)
  11. Benjamin Kanske (Germany)
  12. Pavel Hejra (Czech Republic)
  13. Jakub Grabarczyk (Poland)
  14. Camilo Rodriguez (Switzerland)
  15. Rosen Kyrta (Bulgaria)
  16. Grischa Tellenbach (Switzerland)
  17. Damian Budzik (Poland)
  18. Marcin Staroń (Poland)
  19. Steve Kuntze (Germany)
  20. Santeri Karvinen (Finland)
  21. Justin Sexton (Finland)
  22. Robin Püchel (Germany)
  23. Maciej Samborowski (Poland)
  24. Tuomas Riisalo (Finland)
  25. Grega Morel (Slovenia)
  26. Pawel Rozek (Poland)
  27. Quentin Isackson (France)
  28. Felix Ostwaldt (Germany)
  29. David Rambaud (France)
  30. Timothée Lerolle (France)
  31. Julien Coblence (France)
  32. Barthélémy Meridjen (France)
  33. Michal Rog (Poland)
  34. Jari John (Germany)
  35. Jean-Marie Letort (France)
  36. Boris Ollivier (France)
  37. Guillaume Degat (France)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Florian Goetze (Germany) / Arthur Ledain (France)
  2. Matti Pohjola / Janne Uusitalo (Finland)
  3. Walt Houston / Benjamin Alston (USA)
  4. Grischa Tellenbach (Switzerland) / Sébastien Maillet (France)
  5. Emmanuel Bouchard / Luke Legault (Canada)
  6. Chris Löw (Deutschland) / Yassin Khateeb (Germany)
  7. Wiktor Debski / Wojciech Jamski (Poland)
  8. François Pelletier (Canada) / Jean-Francois Lemieux (France)
  9. Tuomas Kärki / Jyri Ilama (Finland)
  10. Yves Archambault (Canada) / Jakub Grabarczyk (Poland)
  11. Andreas Wolff / Eurik Lindner (Germany)
  12. Stefan Nold / Alex Bartsch (Germany)
  13. Rosen Kyrta / Radoslav Rusev (Bulgaria)
  14. David Rambaud (France) / Marilyn Demuy (Canada)
  15. Tammo Rockel (Germany) / Justin Sexton (Finland)
  16. Felix Ostwaldt (Germany) / Quentin Isackson (France)
  17. Tuan Vu (USA) / Maciej Samborowski (Poland)
  18. Camilo Rodriguez (Switzerland) / Grega Morel (Slovenia)
  19. Damian Budzik / Marcin Staroń (Poland)
  20. Tino Holzmann / Benjamin Kanske (Germany)
  21. Santeri Karvinen / Tuomas Riisalo (Finland)
  22. Robin Püchel / Steve Kuntze (Germany)
  23. Michal Rog / Pawel Rozek (Poland)
  24. Timothée Lerolle / Barthélémy Meridjen (France)
  25. Jari John / Janis Thal (Germany)
  26. Julien Coblence / Jean-Marie Letort (France)
  27. Ilkka Malin (Finland) / Boris Ollivier (France)

Women's Singles Net:

  1. Piia Tantarimäki (Finland)
  2. Genevičve Bousquet (Canada)
  3. Maude Landreville (Canada)
  4. Kerstin Anhuth (Germany)
  5. Heike Koller (Germany)
  6. Emmanuelle Vincendeau (France)
  7. Marilyn Demuy (Canada)
  8. Lena Mlakar (Slovenia)
  9. Plamena Ivanova (Bulgaria)
  10. Audrey Tumelin (France)
  11. Tanja Abt (Germany)
  12. Shirine Daouk (Switzerland)

Women's Doubles Net:

  1. Maude Landreville / Genevičve Bousquet (Canada)
  2. Lena Mlakar (Slovenia) / Piia Tantarimäki (Finland)
  3. Shirine Daouk (Switzerland) / Kerstin Anhuth (Germany)
  4. Heike Koller (Germany) / Plamena Ivanova (Bulgaria)
  5. Tanja Abt (Germany) / Audrey Tumelin (France)
  6. Emmanuelle Vincendeau (France) / Marilyn Demuy (Canada)

Open Mixed Doubles Net:

  1. Florian Goetze / Kerstin Anhuth (Germany)
  2. Lena Mlakar (Slovenia) / Arthur Ledain (France)
  3. Marilyn Demuy (Canada) / Yassin Khateeb (Germany)
  4. Matti Pohjola / Piia Tantarimäki (Finland)
  5. Luke Legault / Genevičve Bousquet (Canada)
  6. Andreas Wolff (Germany) / Maude Landreville (Canada)
  7. Jyri Ilama (Finland) / Shirine Daouk (Switzerland)
  8. Jean-Francois Lemieux / Emmanuelle Vincendeau (France)
  9. Radoslav Rusev / Plamena Ivanova (Bulgaria)
  10. Eurik Lindner / Tanja Abt (Germany)
  11. Heike Koller / Felix Ostwaldt (Germany)
  12. Grischa Tellenbach (Switzerland) / Audrey Tumelin (France)

Master Singles Net:

  1. Tuan Vu (USA)
  2. Michal Rog (Poland)
  3. Quentin Isackson (France)
  4. Rosen Kyrta (Bulgaria)
  5. Pavel Hejra (Czech Republic)
  6. Jim Hankins (USA)
  8. Justin Sexton (Finland)
  8. Jean-Marie Letort (France)
  9. Tanja Abt (Germany)
  10. Boris Ollivier (France)
  11. Ilkka Malin (Finland)

Master Doubles Net:

  1. Matti Pohjola (Finland) / Tuan Vu (USA)
  2. Rosen Kyrta (Bulgaria) / Quentin Isackson (France)
  3. Tuomas Kärki (Finland) / Tanja Abt (Germany)
  4. Eurik Lindner / Alex Bartsch (Germany)
  5. Boris Ollivier / Jean-Marie Letort (France)
  5. Michal Rog (Poland) / Justin Sexton (Finland)
  7. Ilkka Malin (Finland) / Jim Hankins (USA)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Evan Gatesman (USA)
  2. Václav Klouda (Czech Republic)
  3. Patrik Cerny (Czech Republic)
  4. Taishi Ishida (Japan)
  5. Rafal Kaleta (Poland)
  6. Jakub Mosciszewski (Poland)
  7. Krystof Malér (Czech Republic)
  8. Dominik Simku (Czech Republic)
  9. Alexander Trenner (Austria)
  9. Tuomas Riisalo (Finland)
  9. Arkadiusz Stanek (Poland)
  9. Mikko Lepisto (Germany)
  13. Wiktor Debski (Poland)
  13. Filip Wójcik (Poland)
  13. Andreas Nawrath (Germany)
  13. Paloma Mayo (Spain)
  17. Jakub Grabarczyk (Poland)
  17. Santeri Karvinen (Finland)
  17. Slava Sidorin (Czech Republic)
  17. Anssi Sundberg (Finland)
  21. Sergio Garcia (Spain)
  21. Sergio Hernández Santiago (Spain)

Manually Entered Results

Results added below as they become available.


Women's Singles Net
1 Piia Tantarimäki (Finland)
2 Genevičve Bousquet (Canada)
3 Maude Landreville (Canada)
4 Kerstin Anhuth (Germany)
5 Heike Koller (Germany)
6 Emmanuelle Vincendeau (France)
7 Marilyn Demuy (Canada)
8 Lena Mlakar (Slovenia)
9 Plamena Ivanova  (Bulgaria)
10 Audrey Tumelin (France)
11 Tanja Abt (Germany)
12 Shirine Daouk (Switzerland)

1. Alex Trenner 228,375
2. Taishi Ishida 221,125
3. Mariusz Wilk 205,807
4. Evan Gatesman 201,103
5. Jakub Mosciszewski 196,742
6. Mikko Lepisto 181,067
7. Patrik Černý 151,3
8. Krystof Maléř 140,8
9. Dominik šimků 119,846

Freestyle Doubles Routine
1. Tomáš Tuček/Martin Sládek (CZ)
2. Paloma Mayo/Sergio Garcia (ES)
3. Dominik Šimků/Patrik Černý

1. Filip Wojcik (PL)
2. Rafal Kaleta (PL)

Sick 3
1) Evan Gatesman (USA): Blurry Dbl Pickup > Fusion > Blurry Wh Swirl
2) Rafal Kaleta (PL): Bedwetter > Px ss Motion > PS Twirl
3) Jakub Mosciszewski: Blurry DSO > Phoenix > Foodprocessor

Big 1
1) Evan Gatesman (USA): Rev Sw Symp Wh Swirl
2) Rafal Kaleta (PL): BS Blurry Torque
3) Jakub Mosciszewski : Phasing ss DLO

Footbag Golf
1. Michal Rog (PL) 27
2. Janis Thal (DE) 28
3. Filip Wojcik (PL) 28
4. Ben 29
5. Stuf 30
6. Tino Holzman 31
7. Damian Budzik 32
7. Alex Trenner 32
7. Premek Pietrzycki 32
10. Pawel Rozek 34
10. Rafal Kaleta 34
12. Johnny Sarah 35
13. Robin Puchel 36
14. Steven Kunze 39
14. Jakub Mosciszewski 39
16. Konstantin Babchuk 40
17. Yari 43

IFPA Footbag World Championships coming to Trnava

On behalf of the worlds organizing crew, IFPA, and the city of Trnava, we would like to invite all players, spectators, and friends to join us this year at the greatest annual gathering of our wonderful sport. On the week of 30th July to 6th August, the best footbag athletes will battle for titles in both freestyle and net disciplines. City of Trnava and its Mayor Peter Bročka are happy to host this event for the first time in Slovakia.

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Trnava is one of the oldest and most important cities in Slovakia. It is a natural center of lower Považie, the seat of the Trnava district and Trnava self- governing region. With the population of 65 000 inhabitants, it is the seventh biggest city in Slovakia.

Find out more about the city at http://www.trnava.sk/en or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trnava



Bratislava Airport (IATA: BTS) is the nearest commercial airport located about 40 km southward. Vienna International Airport (IATA: VIE) is another airport within reach. Flights to Bratislava or Vienna are the best option.

Special airport shuttle service

We will have our own shuttle service from Friday to Sunday on the arrival dates from these airports for players to use in certain times. More information will be announced later.


Trnava lies on a major Slovak train route from Bratislava to Kosice, which provides an easy railway access from many Slovak cities. Train travel from Bratislava takes only about 30 minutes. There are another two railway lines stemming from Trnava: one with westward direction (Smolenice, Kuty) and another leading Southeast to town of Sered. Trnava has direct railway connections with these European capitals: Vienna, Warsaw, and Kiev.


Trnava is located on a major D1 Slovak freeway and close to its R1 intersection. It has a good connection to Slovak capital Bratislava and nearby cities such as Nitra, Piestany, or Trencin. Bus station is located near Trnava city center, next to a railway station. There are buses leaving to/arriving from Bratislava at least once an hour, more frequently in peak hours. Quite many people commute from Trnava to Bratislava and also from nearby villages to Trnava. Bus travel from Bratislava to Trnava takes about 50 minutes. There are direct bus lines to some major European cities, such as Prague, Vienna, and Munich.


Venues & maps

Event map

https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer? mid=zffPHZacNxV4.kzcISuVPEGFk

Mestska Športová Hala

The City Sports Hall will host all the freestyle events and the showcased finals of both net and freestyle in the last two days of worlds schedule. We will provide a special flooring suitable for freestyle competition, warm-up, and casual shred session. Showcased net finals will have 2 mobile net courts installed. The venue has stands for spectators that we expect to show up in large numbers during our finals.

Address: Rybníková, 917 01 Trnava, Slovensko

Empire Hall

Located 400 m from the City Sport Hall and adjacent to the Empire Hotel, this modern sport hall will have 12 mobile net courts installed where all the preliminary net games take place. A restaurant is located above the fields so you can watch net games and enjoy your meal. Showcase finals will be played in the City Sports Hall.

Address: Jána Hajdóczyho 7736/11, 917 01 Trnava, Slovensko

Slavia Gym

A backup gym with 4 net courts on a wooden floor.



All accommodation reservations will be made through Viatcheslav Sidorin. You will also be requested to contact him once you register for the event if you want to use Special Worlds Accommodation Packages.

Empire Hotel ****

With this premium option, you will stay in a single or double- bed (or twin-bed) rooms, enjoy breakfast overlooking the Net Hall and relax in their private wellness and spa. All rooms include flat-screen TV, air conditioning, private bathroom, and free wifi. You can literally walk down to lobby from your room and be in the Net Hall. As this is a small hotel, only 15 rooms are available to us. Breakfast and wellness/spa are included in the Footbag Worlds Special Deal Package.


Address: Jána Hajdóczyho 7736/11, 917 01 Trnava, Slovensko

Special worlds deal

Single: 53? per room per night
Double : 58? per room per night (double bed or twin bed possible)

Breakfast, Hotel Wellness and Spa, VAT, and City tax per person per night included in price.

Note: We have only 15 rooms reserved in this hotel. Please reach out to Viatcheslav Sidorin to secure your room in advance.

Holiday Inn

If you are looking for something more fancy, we recommend you book yourself a room in local Holiday Inn, just 3 minutes walk from event site. They offer great breakfast and tremendous wellness center. There is no special deal there anymore. Viatcheslav Sidorin. .

Student rooms

This budget accommodation option has rooms with two beds and a private bathroom?newly reconstructed in 2015, with more than 160 beds available. Located right next to the City Sport Hall, you can see it from the room windows.

Address: Rybníková 15, 917 01 Trnava, Slovensko

Special worlds deal

Double: The price is 12? a person a night, including breakfast prepared by the worlds crew.


A full, final schedule is in every player?s pack. Check notice boards and listen for any changes during the event.

Freestyle events

Monday, August 1

11:00 Circle Judges Meeting

12:00 Players? Meeting & Warm Up

12:30 Open & Women?s Circle Contest Qualifications

17:00 Routines Judges Meeting & Judging Workshop

Tuesday, August 2

11:00 Singles Routines Qualifications (all categories)

15:30 Open Shred 30 1st Round

16:30 Women?s & Intermediate Shred 30 Finals

Wednesday, August 3

12.00 ? Open Singles Routines Semifinals

14.30 ? Women?s Circle Contest Finals

16.00 ? Open Circle Contest Semifinals

17.30 ? Sick 3

Thursday, August 4

15:30 Open & Intermediate Request Contest

17:00 Intermediate Singles Routines Finals

Net events

Sunday, July 31

10:45 Open Singles Players? Meeting

11:00 Open Singles Pools

15:15 Mixed and Intermediate Players? Meetings

15:30 Mixed Doubles Pools

15:30 Intermediate Singles Pools

Monday, August 1

10:30 Open Singles Brackets

12:15 Women?s Singles Meeting

12:30 Women?s Singles Pools

12:30 Open Singles Brackets

13:30 Intermediate Singles Brackets

15:00 Open Doubles Players? Meeting

15:15 Open Doubles Pools

15:15 Intermediate Players? Meeting

15:30 Intermediate Doubles Pools

Tuesday, August 2

11:00 Open Singles Round of 16

12:00 Women?s Singles Round of 8 / Intermediate Singles Semifinals

13:00 Women?s Singles Semifinals / Intermediate Doubles Semifinals

14:00 Open Doubles Round of 32

14:45 Women?s Doubles Players? Meeting

15:00 Women?s Doubles Pools

17:00 Open Doubles Round of 16

Wednesday, August 3

10:00 Mixed Doubles Round of 16 and Round of 8

12.00 Intermediate Singles Bronze Match & Finals

15.00 Intermediate Doubles Bronze Match & Finals

16.00 Open Singles Quarterfinals

19.00 Mixed Doubles Semifinals

Thursday, August 4

11.45 Women?s Singles Bronze Match

12.30 Open Doubles Quarterfinals

15.00 Women?s Doubles Bronze Match

18.30 Mixed Doubles Bronze Match

19.15 Open Singles Semifinals

Finals (Freestyle and Net)

Friday, August 5

12:30 Two-Square Finals

13:00 Women?s Singles Net Finals

14:00 Open Singles Net Bronze Match

15:00 Open Doubles Net Semifinals 1

16:30 Open Doubles Net Semifinals 2

17:45 Commercial Show ? Last Man Standing

18:00 Mixed Doubles Routines Finals

18:15 Open Shred 30 Finals

18:30 Open Circle Contest Finals

19:00 Open Singles Net Finals

20:00 Award Ceremony

Saturday, August 6

12:00 Women?s Doubles Net Finals

13:30 Open Doubles Net Bronze Match

15:00 Mixed Doubles Net Finals

16:30 Open Doubles Routines Finals

17:00 Women?s Singles Routines Finals

17:30 Open Singles Routines Finals

18:00 Commercial Show ? Highest Spike

18:15 Open Doubles Net Finals

19:45 Award Ceremony

Other events

Saturday, July 31

12.00-19.00 Players Check-in, City Sport Hall

20:00 Opening Ceremony

Monday, August 1

9:00 Tournament Late Check-In

19:00 EFC Meeting, Student House meeting room

Wednesday, August 3

19:00 Footbag Future Debate, Student House meeting room

20.00 Grill Masters, City Sport Hall

Thursday, August 4

10:00 Open Golf

12:00 Two-Square Competition (through semifinals)

20:00 Small Award Ceremony (all finished competitions)

Friday, August 5

19.00 Players get together, Partizani, Námestie Slovenského národného povstania 1

Saturday, August 6

21.00 Final After Worlds Party, Čajka, Halenárská 6

Party time

Official evening events will be posted later. In the meantime, check out some places recommended by our team:

https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer? mid=zffPHZacNxV4.kzcISuVPEGFk

Hall of Fame

The Footbag Hall of Fame (often abbreviated ?HoF?) is footbag?s group of honored people that have contributed greatly to footbag?s growth since 1972, when it was first invented. The current membership is kept up to date on the footbag.org group (so check there to see the current member list).


John Stalberger met Mike Marshall by chance in 1972. John liked Mike?s kicking idea of using a homemade sack filled with beans. From his background in football, baseball, and physical therapy, John took the homemade sack and turned it into a specifically designed object. A ?Hacky Sack,? for playing a new game called ?Footbag.? The first round Footbag was a 2-piece design, similar to a baseball, and the plastic pellets worked ideally for giving the Footbag new energy with every kick. John then began figuring out the best coordinated athletic movements for this new game.

Emphasis was put on the study of the proper kicking techniques, and the correct use of the upper body for counter-balancing. Equal use of both feet to block the angles of the Footbags flight would also help control the Footbag and avoid injuries. These new techniques helped develop greater levels of concentration, coordination, flexibility, and strength. All of which are needed for any sport.

Not to mention it was fun and could be played by all ages, and skill levels! It was also realized that this new game could be used as an exercise by any athlete as a warm up, and/or basic training. They also envisioned that a sport could be created from this new game.

After Mike suddenly and tragically died in his sleep in 1975, John continued on with the dream. He started a Footbag manufacturing company called ?The National Hacky Sack Company.? This was the first company to start organizing and teaching the footbag concept to schools in Oregon.

In 1977 his friends helped him form a player?s association for the sport, named ?The National Hacky Sack Association.? (The NHSA) The first ever Footbag tournament was held in Oregon City, Oregon.

Today, Mike and John?s dreams have been realized. Footbag has become a full-fledged sport that is played worldwide. Their dedication continues to be the inspiration for the game and sport of Footbag.

Video contest

An annual Video Contest has been a tradition for the last 11 years and we the organisers of the Worlds 2016 in Trnava are going to make that number 12.

There is plenty of time still to gather ideas for your videos, recruit your friends and dust off your editing skills. All videos are welcome, as long as you send them before the deadline of XY June.

Judging criteria

The final score of a video in the contest will be made up of the judges? decision and spectators? preference. The weight of both will be derived from the number of votes gathered from the audience, hence will likely not be equal.

All judges will be obliged to explain their scoring when asked. While the votes from the spectators will be based purely on their preference, the judges shall follow following criteria.

Points will be awarded for:

  • Originality/Creativity. Any attempts at creating a unique video is seen as positive.
  • Content. Self explanatory. If the judges like the concept and the content of your video, you will get a high score. Hint: Judges like footbag.
  • Cleanliness/Form. Any shred in your videos will be assessed on the cleanliness of the tricks and good form/posture while playing. The difficulty and intensity will not be ignored either and may especially help you get the audience on your side.
  • Showcasing possibilities. Could your video be used to promote our sport? Do the players express positive emotions? Is the bag visible? Are you sure? Really? If not, get some big balls from any of the many renowned footbag stitchers.
  • Camera/Edit. A fair amount of points will be granted for good camera work and sharp editing skills.

Points will be deducted for:

  • Lack of flow and Music/Shred synergy. While you can do triple dexes to Enya and Tiltless to Napalm Death, it is discouraged and not advised.
  • Plagiarism. You can inspire yourself by the work of other, just try not to go overboard.
  • Showing footbag in a bad light. We may all be lunatics, but let?s keep it to ourselves. :-)

We reserve all rights to not include any submitted video that should be found inappropriate or in any way offensive in the contest.


Submit your videos at janousek315@gmail.com. If they are too large to send by email, either upload them to an international cloud (Dropbox, for example) or upload them on Youtube as unlisted. Do not release your videos or show them to others before they are revealed at the contest venue.

If you have any questions about the contest or anything to discuss about the rules, please contact me either by email or Facebook.

Thank you and have a good day.



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