19th Annual Finnish Footbag Open (FFA 20th anniversary special edition)

Tournament Results

19th Annual Finnish Footbag Open (FFA 20th anniversary special edition)


Janne Uusitalo

Alias: janne.uusitalo@footbag.org
Phone: +358445208688
Repopalontie 9
T??l? Sports Hall
Helsinki, Finland
Events Offered:
Doubles net, singles net, and singles freestyle routines will be played in all categories
(open, intermediate, women's, mixed) to which three or more players/teams sign up.

Manually Entered Results

1. Vasek Klouda
2. Juho Marjo
3. Santeri Karvinen
4. Mikko Lepistö
5. Tuomas Riisalo
6. Timo Aarnio
7. Angelo Rendon

1. Juho Marjo 112
2. Mikko Lepistö 109
3. Santeri Karvinen 76
4. Timo Aarnio 59

1.  Tuomas Kärki & Jani Säntti
2.  Oskari Forstén & Janne Uusitalo
3.  Matti Pohjola & Grischa Tellenbach
4.  Wiktor Debski & Arthur Ledain
5.  Jyri Ilama & Jukka Peltola
6.  Santeri Karvinen & Tuomas Riisalo
7.  Justin Sexton & Piia Tantarimäki
8.  Ulli Haase & Simon Voss
9.  Ville Laakso & Pawel Rozek
10. Jesse Ruotsalainen & Olli Savolainen
11. Timothée Lerolle & Felix Ostwaldt
12. Joona Koistinen & Maciej Samborowski
13. Jussi Lahtinen & Ilkka Malin


Doubles Net, Initial seedings
1.  Matti Pohjola & Grischa Tellenbach
2.  Wiktor Debski & Arthur Ledain
3.  Oskari Forstén & Janne Uusitalo
4.  Tuomas Kärki & Jani Säntti
5.  Uli Haase & Simon Voss
6.  Jyri Ilama & Jukka Peltola
7.  Justin Sexton & Piia Tantarimäki
8.  Santeri Karvinen & Tuomas Riisalo
9.  Timothée Lerolle & Felix Ostwaldt
10. Jussi Lahtinen & Ilkka Malin
11. Joona Koistinen & Maciej Samborowski
12. Ville Laakso & Pawel Rozek
13. Jesse Ruotsalainen & Olli Savolainen

Update, Sep 7: more information has been published on the event page on footbag.fi and on Facebook. Look it up!

Finnish Footbag Open 2015 will be played November 28?29 in the legendary Töölö Sports Hall, downtown Helsinki. It will be a very special event this year, marking the 20th anniversary of the Finnish Footbag Association. More details will be posted later, but the dates are set, the location is final, and both net and freestyle events will be offered. There is l̶i̶f̶e̶ footbag after Copenhagen!

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