32nd Annual East Coast Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

32nd Annual East Coast Footbag Championships


Jim Hankins

E-mail: jhankins44@gmail.com
Alias: Hammer@footbag.org
Phone: 732-648-7173
78 Brighton Way
North Brunswick, NJ
Red Hook Rec Area & Comm. Barry Park
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Events Offered:
Freestyle: Routines and Circle Contest
Net: Singles and Doubles

Results for 32nd Annual East Coast Footbag Championships (2014)

Open Singles Net:

  1. Emmanuel Bouchard (Canada)
  2. Daniel Greer (USA)
  3. Luke Legault (Canada)
  4. Martin Côté (Canada)
  5. Pavel Hejra (Czech Republic)
  6. Jim Hankins (USA)
  7. Marilyn Demuy (Canada)
  8. Mark Hunsberger (USA)
  9. Brett Milliken (USA)
  10. Noah Hunsberger (USA)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Emmanuel Bouchard / Luke Legault (Canada)
  2. Daniel Greer (USA) / Martin Côté (Canada)
  3. Marilyn Demuy (Canada) / Greg Neumann (USA)
  4. Pavel Hejra (Czech Republic) / Theodore Fritsch (USA)
  5. Jim Hankins / Anthony Intemann (USA)
  6. Jack Lentz / Brett Milliken (USA)
  7. Mark Hunsberger / Noah Hunsberger (USA)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Ken Somolinos (USA)
  2. Evan Gatesman (USA)
  3. Brian Sherrill (USA)
  4. Mathieu Gauthier (Canada)
  5. Ryan Thomas (USA)
  6. Cassandra Taylor (Canada)
  7. Kevin Hogan (USA)
  8. Anton Britting (USA)
  9. Adam Greenwood (Canada)
  9. Matt Kemmer (USA)
  9. Nick Polini (USA)

Intermediate Singles Routines:

  1. Benjamin Babyak (USA)
  3. Greg Wenner (USA)
  4. Prunus Aberration (USA)

Open Circle Contest:

  1. Evan Gatesman (USA)
  2. Ken Somolinos (USA)
  3. Adam Greenwood (Canada)
  4. Nick Polini (USA)
  5. Brian Sherrill (USA)
  5. Mathieu Gauthier (Canada)
  5. Ryan Thomas (USA)
  5. Cassandra Taylor (Canada)
  5. Kevin Hogan (USA)
  5. Anton Britting (USA)
  5. Derek Littlefield (Canada )
  5. Matt Kemmer (USA)

Intermediate Circle Contest:

  1. Johnny Sarah (USA)
  3. Greg Wenner (USA)
  4. Benjamin Babyak (USA)
  5. April Tou (USA)
  5. Ryan Morris (USA)
  6. Vince Richardson (USA)
  6. Daniel Carey (USA)

Manually Entered Results

The 32nd Annual East Coast Championships were held in Brooklyn, NY on 
27th & 28th.  With the help of great weather, we had a very successful 
tournament, with competitors from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, 
Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, Toronto, Montreal, and the Czech Republic 
net and freestyle events.  In attendance were the current world champion in 
freestyle circle, Evan Gatesman (who placed 2nd this year in routines at 
world's), last year's women's freestyle world champion, Cassandra Taylor, and 
12-time singles net world champion, Emmanuel Bouchard.
Ken Somolinos- the 2012 ECFC champ- took down this year's vice-world 
Evan Gatesman in routines.   But Evan was able to hold off Ken to win this 
year's circle contest.  In intermediate routines, Ben Babyak performing a great 
routine to take first.  In intermediate circle, NYFA member Johnny Sarah stood 
out above the group and took first place.
In net, the greatest of all time took first place in singles, showing his un-
human talent against a VERY good Dan Greer.  In doubles, Emmanuel 
Bouchard & 
Luc Legault showed their stuff and took first place over the tough team of Dan 
Greer & Martin Cote.  Our friend from the west coast, Brett Milliken, was able 
to get by our ECFC gatekeepe,r Jack Lentz, in intermediate singles net.
Thanks to all our sponsors and most of all thank you to all the players for 
making this year's event such a success.
This announcement and results will be posted on the events page on 
Here are the complete results:
Open Singles Net:
1. Emmanuel Bouchard
2. Dan Greer
3. Luc Legault
4. Martin Cote
5. Pavel Hedra
6. Jim Hankins
7. Marilyn DeMuy
8. Mark Hunsberger
9. Brett Milliken
10. Noah Hunsberger 
Intermediate Singles Net:
1. Brett Milliken
2. Jack Lentz
3. Pascal T
3. Zach Heffer
Open Doubles Net
1. Emmanuel Bourchard/Luc Legault
2. Dan Greer/Martin Cote
3. Marilyn DeMuy/Greg "Nice" Neumann
4. Pavel Hedra/Ted Fritsch
5. Jim Hankins/Anthony Intemann
6. Jack Lentz/Brett Milliken
7. Mark Hunsberger/Noah Hunsberger
Note: There was no intermediate doubles net bracket.
Open Routines:
1. Ken Somolinos
2. Evan Gatesman
3. Brian Sherrill
4. Mathieu Gauthier
5. Ryan Thomas
6. Cassandra Taylor
7. Kevin Hogan
8. Anton Britting
Intermediate Routines: 
1. Ben Babyak
2. Marc Peralta **
3. Greg Wenner
4. Andre P. Aberration
Open Circle Contest:
1. Evan Gatesman
2. Ken Somolinos
3. Adam Greenwood
4. Chris Dean
tie 5. Brian Sherrill
tie 5. Mathieu Gauthier
tie 5. Derek Littlefield
tie 5. Mikey Etlinger
tie 5. Cassandra Taylor
tie 5. Anton Britting
tie 5. Kevin Hogan
tie 5. Ryan Thomas
tie 5. Matt Kemmer
tie 5. Nick Polini

Intermediate Circle Contest
1. Johnny Sarah
2. Marc Peralta
3. Greg Wenner
4. Ben Babyak
tie 5. April Tou
tie 5. Ryan Morris
tie 6. Vince Richardson
tie 6. Daniel Carey

We will be in Brooklyn once again this year and affiliated with the Dumbo Arts Festival! We are regularly adding more event details here, so check back regularly for more info.
Event Details:

We have a rental house located at 939 BEDFORD AVE IN BROOKLYN.  It?s a 10-15 
minute drive to the event sites.  "Tara's Pasta Dinner" will be on Saturday 
night and is included in the registration fee.  The house will be available 
starting at 2 PM on Friday.


Ted Fritsch (Tournament Director): 908-347-3540, yyz12428@yahoo.com

Jim Hankins (Net Director): 732-648-7173, jhankins44@gmail.com

Jon Schneider (Freestyle Director): 908-872-6707


Registration will take place at the rental house on Friday night and NYFA 
members? houses. Late registration will take place on Saturday morning at the 
event site.

Open Competitors- $45

Intermediate Competitors- $25

All competitors will receive a player?s pack with a t-shirt.  Non-competitors 
can receive a player?s pack for $15.


There are TWO sites....On SATURDAY, 9/27, we will be at the RED HOOK 

RECREATION AREA in Brooklyn, located at the corner of Lorraine and Henry Sts, 

off Exit 26/25 from Interstate 278, near the Brooklyn Battery (aka Hugh 

Carey) Tunnel.  Street parking around the park is available, though get there 

early for the best parking.

On SUNDAY, 9/28, we will be at COMMODORE BARRY PARK in Brooklyn, located at 

the corner of Flushing Ave. and Navy St., right off Exit 29 from Interstate 

278, near the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Street parking around the park 

is available, though get there early for the best parking.




8:30 AM Net set-up, late registration, & warm up

9:45 AM Net players meeting

10:00 AM Open & Int Singles

2:00 PM Open & Int Doubles


10:00 AM Open & Int Singles winners bracket & consolation

11:00 PM Open & Int Doubles winners bracket & consolation

1:00 PM Open Singles Final

3:30 PM Open Doubles Final



1:30 PM Int Routines- Prelims

2:30 PM Int Circle- Prelims

3:30 PM Open Routines- Prelims

4:30 PM Open Circle- Prelims


11:30 PM Int. Routines- Finals

12:00 PM Int. Circle- Finals

1:30 PM Open Routines- Finals

2:30 PM Open Circle- Finals

Awards ceremony on site immediately following completion of last event

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