U. S. Open Footbag Championships 2014

Tournament Results

U. S. Open Footbag Championships 2014


Chris John Dean

Alias: ChrisDean@footbag.org
Portland, OR

Kendall KIC

Alias: ExDirector@footbag.org
3550 SW Kanan Drive
Portland, OR

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Willamette Park 1100 12th Street
West Linn, Oregon, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open Routines
Open Circle Contest
Intermediate Routines
Intermediate Circle Contest
Open, Women's and Intermediate, Singles, Mixed and Doubles Net

Results for U. S. Open Footbag Championships (2014)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Brian Sherrill (USA)
  2. Dustin Rhodes (USA)
  3. Chris Dean (USA)
  4. Cassandra Taylor (Canada)
  5. Larry Workman (USA)
  6. Alex Dworetzky (USA)

Intermediate Singles Routines:

  1. Justin Blotsky (USA)
  2. Ken Moller (USA)

Open Sick 3-Trick:

  1. Matt Kemmer (USA)  - whirlygig > whales tail > dolomite 
  2. Chris Dean (USA)  - blurry whirl > matador > food processor 
  3. Brian Sherrill (USA)  - spinning osis > mobius > spyno 
  4. Alex Dworetzky (USA)  - clipper > infinity > legover 
  5. Dustin Rhodes (USA)  - DNF 
  5. Derek Littlefield (Canada )  - DNF 

Open Sick Trick:

  1. Matt Kemmer (USA)  - blazing drifter 
  2. Brian Sherrill (USA)  - motion sickness 
  3. Chris Dean (USA)  - fusion 
  4. Dustin Rhodes (USA)  - front-side blurry drifter 
  5. Alex Dworetzky (USA)  - barfly 

Open Circle Contest:

  1. Brian Sherrill (USA)
  2. Matt Kemmer (USA)
  3. Chris Dean (USA)
  4. Dustin Rhodes (USA)
  5. Derek Littlefield (Canada )
  5. Larry Workman (USA)
  7. Alex Dworetzky (USA)
  7. Cassandra Taylor (Canada)

Intermediate Circle Contest:

  1. Warren Allen (USA)
  2. Justin Blotsky (USA)
  3. Ken Moller (USA)

Manually Entered Results

US Open Footbag Net Championships - Results

Mixed Doubles
1 ? Geneviève Bousquet/Tuan Vu
2 ? Becca EnglishKen Shults
3 ? Julie Symons/David Bernard
4 ? Jody Badger Welch/Christopher Cleaver
5 ? Sarah Femmel/Steve Dusablon
6 ? Leanne Makcrow/Patrick Weinberg

Open Doubles
1 ? Tuan Vu/Kenny Shults
2 ? Rob Adams/ David Bernard
3 ? Genevieve Bousquet/Becca English
4 ? Chris Cleaver/Steve Dusablon
5 ? Jody Welch/Julie Symons
6 ? Dirk Janssens/Christopher Young
7 ? Edwin Veltman/ Luke Tarr

Women?s Singles
1 ? Sarah Femmel
2 ? Leanne Mackrow
3 ? Renee Sheets Johnson

Open Singles
1 ? Kenny Shults
2 ? Genevieve Bousquet
3 ? Chris Young
4 ? Edwin Veltman
5 ? Jasper Shults
6 ? Patrick Weinberg
7 ? Dirk Janssens

Intermediate Singles
1 ? Steve Femmel
2 ? Joey Vu
3 ? Drake Shults tie with Gaylene Grossen
5 ? Ben Johnson

Intermediate Doubles
1 ? Joey Vu/Jasper Shults
2 ? Steve Femmel/Patrick Weinberg
3 ? Sarah Femmel/Dillon George
4 ? Katie Storment/Leanne Mackrow

Happy Days are here again! The US Open is now a Freestyle and Net Tourney! Our new West Linn venue has a perfect stage for Freestyle and director Chris Dean has his pencils sharpened. Becca is hosting the Women's Net Training Camp in Springfield Thursday and Friday before the tournament, so ladies, Lace Up! Fun, friends, and good times in a beautiful riverside park. Experience footbag in the Great Northwest. Everyone welcome. Find us on Facebook. Entry Fee includes a player pack and on site sustenance: Open: $50 Women's Open: $45 Intermediate: $30 Athletic Supporters: $30 or more Sponsored by New Belgium Brewing, Bellagios Pizza, The World Footbag Association, Flying Clipper
Event Details:
Net pick-up games at a location TBA.  Contact Dave Bernard, Chris Siebert or 
Chris Cleaver for info.

6:00 ? 10:00pm:  Registration Party Kendall and Kenny'S
3550 SW Kanan Drive
Portland, OR  97221


*All events at Willamette Park, 1100 12th Street, West Linn OR 97068: (NOT 
Willamette Park in Portland or
Eugene...WEST LINN by Tricia's house!)

9:00 a.m. Registration for all events

NET Event Schedule (may change based on number of entrants):

**Singles Net:  Player?s meeting and Open matches begin promptly at 10:00am.  
Open Singles Net players must be checked in by 9:00am.  
Open Singles Net format will be single elimination, rally scoring.
Intermediate Singles Net starts approximately 12:00am.
Women's Net schedule will be based upon number of players.
Doubles events will be pool format, sideout scoring.

10:00am ? 1:00pm:  Singles Net

1:30pm ? 5:00pm:  Doubles Net

5:30pm ? 8:00pm:  Mixed Doubles Net

No meal breaks scheduled, eat when you can.  Schedule is very tight for 2-day
event and must push forward.

*All net players who are eliminated are encouraged to play off for ranking in
the final standings.*

Bellagios Pizza Feed and music by the local roots rock band Gospel Hooligans

SUNDAY, June 29

NET Event Schedule (may change based on number of entrants):

10:30am:  Singles Net playoffs
12:30pm:  Doubles Net playoffs
2:30pm:  Mixed Doubles playoffs
4:00pm:  Mixed Doubles final
5:00pm:  Open Doubles final
6:00pm:  Singles final

Awards on site. 

Tentative FREESTYLE schedule:
Qualification Rounds
11am: Players meeting/check-in
12pm: Intermediate Routines 
1pm: Intermediate Circle Contest
2pm: Open Routines 
3:30pm: Open Circle Contest

Final Rounds
11am: Players meeting/check-in
12pm: Intermediate Routines 
1pm: Intermediate Circle Contest
2pm: Open Routines 
3:30pm: Open Circle Contest


Housing questions?  For details contact Chris Siebert: conan@footbag.org;
Kendall KIC: kendallkic@aol.com; or Tricia George: tricia.george@gmail.com
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