Sweet Six-Teen - Footstar B-Day 2014

Tournament Results

Sweet Six-Teen - Footstar B-Day 2014


Yves Kreil

Alias: koma@footbag.org
Phone: +4917620782782
Manteuffelstr. 103

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Berlin, Germany
Events Offered:
Having only 6 courts, (5 when freestyle competition is on), more than 40 net competitors in
3 disciplines, we are going to have a packed weekend. Players who want to compete in
Singles and Mixed might be forced to choose.

All (net) competitors will have to respect a strict schedule:

Saturday, 1. Feb:

Fruits, water and a warm lunch will be for free and provided on-site registered spectators
and players.

9 am Doors Open (Coffee for you)
9:30 Open Doubles Net Player's Meeting
10:00 Matches start (blabla SCRATCH blabla GRISCHA! blubblublub)

15:00 Meeting for Freestyle Players (due to small amount of registered Freestyle Player's
we will only make a jam-like competition for you more infos from Matthias and Jakob on
Hopefully we will end doubles competition and start mixed on Saturday!
But semis, or finals of ODN might be postponed..

Sunday, 2. Feb:

9:30 Singles & Mixed Doubles Net Player's Meeting
18:00 award ceremony end of competition


Party schedule

Friday, 31. Jan.:

Meeting at 8:45 pm at Warschauer Str. in front of Kaiser's (supermarket)
9:00 pm Partybus leaves for a private City-Tour (drinks provided)
10:30 pm bus arrives at Clash, punk bar at Gneisenaustr. 2a

Saturday 1. Feb.:

10:30 pm party at Fluxbau, Pfuelstr. 5
entrance for registered spactators and player for free


We recommend this lovely hostel for your stay:

It's very close to the event site:)

Welcome Party!
21:00 Private Bus ride through Berlin. Drinks are on the house. Start at Warschauer Str. in
front of Kaiser's supermarket. Classic! Final destination "Clash" Bar 22:30 at
Gneisenaustr. 2a, table soccer, punk music, more drinks - on you.


Shred 30

Mixed Doubles Net
Open Doubles Net



Big 3
Request Contest

Open Singles Net
Women's Singles Net?

Results for Sweet Six-Teen - Footstar B-Day (2014)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Florian Goetze / Yves Kreil (Germany)
  2. Greg Lima / Arthur Ledain (France)
  3. Matti Pohjola / Janne Uusitalo (Finland)
  4. Antonio Fritsch / Yassin Khateeb (Germany)
  5. Grischa Tellenbach (Switzerland) / Wiktor Debski (Poland)
  6. Andreas Wolff (Deutschland) / Uli Haase (Germany)
  7. David Kaufmann / Manuel Kruse (Germany)
  8. Eurik Lindner (Germany) / Chris Löw (Deutschland)
  9. Ivan Stanev / Rosen Kyrta (Bulgaria)
  10. Jyri Ilama (Finland) / Amaya Straeten (Germany)
  11. Arkady Lobankov / Evgeni Shiryaev (Russia)
  12. Piia Tantarimäki (Finland) / Kerstin Adineh (Germany)
  13. Marilyn Demuy (Canada) / Christian Bock (Germany)
  14. Felix Ostwaldt (Germany) / Quentin Isackson (France)
  15. Tuukka Antikainen (Finland) / Damian Budzik (Poland)
  16. Alex Michelewski (Germany) / Markus Portenkirchner (unknown country)
  17. Johannes Korff / Alex Bartsch (Germany)
  18. Tammo Rockel / Anne Schmidt (Germany)
  19. Steve Kuntze / Benjamin Kanske (Germany)
  20. Robin Püchel / Tino Holzmann (Germany)
  21. Roman Belozerov (Russia) / Benjamin De Bastos (France)
  22. Julien Apollonio (Switzerland) / Radoslav Rusev (Bulgaria)
  23. Evgenia Tsybulskaya (Russia) / Noemie Verdon (Switzerland)
  24. Filip Wójcik / Pawel Nowak (Poland)
  25. Matthias Feulner / Heike Koller (Germany)

Open Mixed Doubles Net:

  1. Florian Goetze / Kerstin Adineh (Germany)
  2. Matti Pohjola / Piia Tantarimäki (Finland)
  3. Greg Lima (France) / Shirine Daouk (Switzerland)
  4. Manuel Kruse (Germany) / Marilyn Demuy (Canada)
  5. Antonio Fritsch / Heike Koller (Germany)
  6. Tammo Rockel / Anne Schmidt (Germany)
  7. Evgenia Tsybulskaya (Russia) / Markus Portenkirchner (Germany)
  8. Quentin Isackson (France) / Noemie Verdon (Switzerland)

Manually Entered Results

Open Doubles Net Results				
	1	Flo Goetze / Yves Kreil		
	2	Arthur Ledain / Greg Lima		
	3	Matti Pohjola / Janne Uusitalo		
	4	Toni Fritsch / Yassin Khatheeb		
	5	Grischa Tellenbach / Wiktor Debski		
	6	Andi Wolff / Ulli Haase		
	7	Manu Kruse / Dave Kaufmann		
	8	Chris Löw / Eurik Lindner		
	9	Rosen Kyrta / Ivan Stanev		
	10	Amaya Straeten / Jyri Ilama		
	11	Arkady Lobankov / Evgeni Shiryaev		
	12	Piia Tantarimäki / Kerstin Anhuth		
	13	Marilyn Demuy / Chris Bock		
	14	Felix Ostwaldt / Quentin Isackson		
	15	Damian Budzik / Tuukka Antikainen		
	16	Alex Michelewski /  Markus Portenkirchner		
	17	Jones Korff / Alex Bartsch		
	18	Tammo Rockel / Anne Schmidt		
	19	Steve Kuntze / Benjamin Kanske		
	20	Robin Püchel / Tino Holzmann		
	21	Roman Belozerov / Benjamin De Bastos		
	22	Julien Apollonio / Radoslav Rusev 		
	23	Evgenia Tsybulskaya  / Noemi Verdon		
	24	Pawel Nowak / Filip Wójcik		
	25	Matze Feulner / Heike Koller		

Open Mixed Net Results						
	1	Kerstin Anhuth / Flo Goetze				
	2	Piia Tantarimäki / Matti Pohjola				
	3	Shirine Daouk / Greg Lima				
	4	Marilyn Demuy / Manu Kruse				
	5	Heike Koller / Toni Fritsch				
	6	Anne Schmidt / Tammo Rockel				
	7	Markus Portenkirchner / Evgenia Tsybulskaya				
	8	Noemi Verdon / Quentin Isackson				

Side-out scoring for doubles net events **** Rallye scoring for singles net events
Event Details:
Tournament Location:
Magarete-von-Witzleben Schule
Palisadenstr. 76/78
10243 Berlin
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