1st Chilean Footbag Championships

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1st Chilean Footbag Championships


Daniel Boyle

E-mail: daniel.boyle@gmail.com
Phone: 0474814806
Hackett, ACT
Canberra, Act
Plaza de Armas
Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Freestyle - routines, shred 30, sick 3, circle
Net - singles, doubles
Consecutive kicks

1st Chilean Footbag Championships Chile will host the first footbag championships in Santiago. The event will look to build on the huge potential for footbag in South America. Players of all levels are invited and there will be key events to encourage beginners. More information on schedule and venues will be given closer to the date.
Event Details:
This event will be held in conjunction with the freestyle football "World 
Freestyle Day" event. It provides an excellent opportunity to visit Chile and 
the rest of South America.
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