WSF Stare Babice Footbag Jam 2013

Tournament Results

WSF Stare Babice Footbag Jam 2013


Jakub Grabarczyk

Phone: 048236614337
Nowe Miasto, Mazowieckie

Wiktor Debski

Phone: 00 48 503 111 982
Sarmacka 14A m1
Site(s) TBA
Stare Babice, Warsaw Suburb, Poland
Events Offered:
Open Doubles and Singles Net
Open Circle and Request Contest
2Square and Consecutives for beginners

Results for WSF Stare Babice Footbag Jam (2013)

Open Circle Contest:

  1. Mariusz Wilk (Poland)
  2. Maciek Niczyporuk (Poland)
  3. Pawel Nowak (Poland)
  4. Filip Wójcik (Poland)
  5. Jakub Mosciszewski (Poland)
  6. Wojtek Kowalski (Poland)

Manually Entered Results


last weekennd we had an IFPA santioned footbag event near Warsaw, Poland. 

Both freestyle and net events were organised. As well as 2Square. 

In net we have played singles and doubles using Rally Scoring. 
For the first time we tried Double Elination format in singles, 
which was fun but eventually the same players met on the court at least twice. 
The Challonge software was very useful:

In freestyle we skipped routines and focused on Circle and Request. 

Check the photo and video summary:

Keep Kickin'

Wiktor Debski
Warsaw Footbag Association

Full details are belowed. 

Singles Net 
1. Wojciech Jamski
2. Wiktor Dębski
3. Michał Klimczak
4. Jakub Grabarczyk
5. Damian Budzik
6. Marcin Staroń
7. Michał Róg
8. Paweł Rożek
9. Tomek Kociołkowski
10. Paweł Frączek
11. Moka Szymankiewicz

Doubles Net 
1. Wiktor Dębski/Wojciech Jamski
2. Jakub Grabarczyk/Marcin Staroń
3. Paweł Rożek/Damian Budzik
4. Michał Róg/Michał Klimczak
5. Paweł Frączek/ Moka Szymankiewicz
6. Mariusz Wilk/Tomek Kociołkowski

Circle Contest 
1. Mariusz Wilk
2. Maciej Niczyporuk
3. Paweł Nowak
4. Filip Wójcik
5. Jakub Mościszewski
6. Wojtek Kowalski

Request Contest 
1. Mariusz Wilk
2. Maciej Niczyporuk
3. Jakub Mościszewski
4. Filip Wójcik
5. Paweł Nowak
6. Wojtek Kowalski

2 Squares 
1. Damian Budzik
2. Filip Wójcik
3. Michał Róg
4. Paweł Rożek
5. Marek Witkowski / Paweł Nowak
7. Maciej Niczyporuk / Wojciech Kowalski
9. Jakub Mościszewski

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