PSU Jampionships III

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PSU Jampionships III


Nick Polini

Phone: 484 995 5639
129 Jacob's St.
Mont Clare, PA
Outside, in between Business Building and Forest Resources Building
State College, Pennsylvania, USA
Events Offered:
New Event: Intermediate and Open Freestyle Head-to-Head Brackets
Free shred, not heavy on competition.
Hey anyone close enough, far enough, or interested enough to make this jam, it's going to be a blast! We had it last year too and it was the best jam some of our attendees had been to. Definitely try to make it out for this one.
Event Details:
Meet at Nathan Pipenberg's house on Friday
Free crash space for everyone at his house

Any questions, 

call me (Nick Polini) at 484-995-5639

or Nathan Pipenberg at 814-404-2420
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