4th annual Helsinki Open Footbag Tournament

Tournament Results

4th annual Helsinki Open Footbag Tournament


Janne Uusitalo

Alias: janne.uusitalo@footbag.org
Phone: +358445208688
Repopalontie 9
Ruskeasuo Sports Centre
Helsinki, Finland
Events Offered:
Singles Net, Doubles Net

Results for 4th annual Helsinki Open Footbag Tournament (2013)

Open Singles Net:

  1. Tuomas Kärki (Finland)
  2. Matti Pohjola (Finland)
  3. Jani Säntti (Finland)
  4. Aleksi Öhman (Finland)
  5. Carlos Márquez (Venezuela)
  6. Amaya Straeten (Germany)
  7. Oscar Loreto (Argentina )
  8. Jukka Peltola (Finland)
  9. Hakan Hellberg (Sweden)
  10. Joona Koistinen (Finland)
  11. Mikko Tapaninaho (Finland)
  12. Jyri Ilama (Finland)
  13. Ilkka Malin (Finland)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Matti Pohjola / Tuomas Kärki (Finland)
  2. Jani Säntti / Oskari Forstén (Finland)
  3. Hakan Hellberg (Sweden) / Jukka Peltola (Finland)
  4. Jyri Ilama (Finland) / Amaya Straeten (Germany)
  5. Carlos Márquez (Venezuela) / Oscar Loreto (Argentina )
  6. Jani Lirkki / Iisak Liukko (Finland)
  7. Ilkka Malin / Mikko Tapaninaho (Finland)

Manually Entered Results

Open Singles Net

1	Kärki	Tuomas	FIN
2	Pohjola	Matti	FIN
3	Säntti	Jani	FIN
4	Öhman	Aleksi	FIN
5	Márquez	Carlos	VEN
6	Straeten Amaya	GER
7	Loreto	Oscar	VEN
8	Peltola	Jukka	FIN
9	Hellberg Hakan	SWE
10	Koistinen Joona	FIN
11	Tapaninaho MikkoFIN
12	Ilama	Jyri	FIN
13	Malin	Ilkka	FIN

Open Doubles Net

1	Kärki	Tuomas	FIN	Pohjola	Matti	FIN
2	Forstén	Oskari	FIN	Säntti	Jani	FIN
3	Hellberg Hakan	SWE	Peltola	Jukka	FIN
4	Ilama	Jyri	FIN	Straeten Amaya	GER
5	Loreto	Oscar	VEN	Márquez	Carlos	VEN
6	Lirkki	Jani	FIN	Liukko	Iisak	FIN
7	Malin	Ilkka	FIN	Tapaninaho MikkoFIN

Welcome to the annual Finnish footbag net summer season opener! This year's Helsinki Open will be an indoor tournament and more international than ever: we are already expecting players from Germany, France, and Venezuela (!) to attend. A week after Bembel Cup, this is probably your best chance before Montréal to challenge three of the world's top four singles players ;) If you need help with finding accommodation, traveling from the airport, etc., do not hesitate to contact me or anyone of the Finnish crew directly. See you soon!
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