Turku Open Tuanament

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Turku Open Tuanament


Matti Pohjola

Alias: mohkale@footbag.org
Phone: +358 40 3024749
Site(s) TBA
Turku, Finland
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Doubles Net
Singles Net

Results for Turku Open Tuanament (2013)

Open Singles Net:

  1. Matti Pohjola (Finland)
  2. Tuomas Kärki (Finland)
  3. Jani Säntti (Finland)
  4. Jyri Ilama (Finland)
  5. Piia Tantarimäki (Finland)
  6. Tuan Vu (USA)
  7. Jaakko Inkinen (Finland)
  8. Mikko Tapaninaho (Finland)
  9. Ilkka Malin (Finland)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Jani Säntti / Oskari Forstén (Finland)
  2. Tuomas Kärki (Finland) / Tuan Vu (USA)
  3. Matti Pohjola / Piia Tantarimäki (Finland)
  4. Jaakko Inkinen / Tuukka Antikainen (Finland)
  5. Jyri Ilama / Aleksi Öhman (Finland)
  6. Ilkka Malin / Mikko Tapaninaho (Finland)

Manually Entered Results

Doubles Net

1. Forsten, Oskari    /	Markkanen Säntti, Jani
2. Kärki,Tuomas	      / Vu, Tuan
3. Pohjola, Matti     /	Tantarimäki, Piia
4. Inkinen, Jaakko    /	Antikainen, Tuukka
5. Ilama, Jyri	      / Oehman, Aleksi
6. Tapaninaho, Mikko  /	Malin, Ilkka

Singles Net

1. Pohjola, Matti
2. Karki,Tuomas
3. Markkanen Säntti, Jani
4. Ilama, Jyri
5. Tantaimäki, Piia
6. Vu, Tuan
7. Inkinen, Jaakko
8. Tapaninaho, Mikko
9. Malin, Ilkka

Footcraft is proud to announce the guest of honor at Turku Open 2013. It's none other than the great Disco Ninja, Tuan Vu! Tuan Open is happening two weeks before Worlds. That makes it an ideal event for everyone to test their playing and partying skills against the best = Finns & Tuan.
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