*Bembel Cup*

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*Bembel Cup*


Eurik Lindner

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Phone: 004915118339019
Frankfurt, Hessen

Phil Schaefer

Alias: frankfurt@footbag.org

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Frankfurt, Germany
Events Offered:
Open Double Net
Pro Image Cash Golf

Results for *Bembel Cup* (2013)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Florian Goetze / Yves Kreil (Germany)
  2. Antonio Fritsch (Germany) / Arthur Ledain (France)
  3. Chris Löw (Deutschland) / Yassin Khateeb (Germany)
  4. Andreas Wolff (Deutschland) / Uli Haase (Germany)
  5. Greg Lima / Sébastien Maillet (France)
  6. Manuel Kruse / Simon Voss (Germany)
  7. Grischa Tellenbach (Switzerland) / Mouss Kabbal (France)
  8. Johannes Korff (Germany) / Quentin Isackson (France)
  9. Jyri Ilama (Finland) / Amaya Straeten (Germany)
  10. Carlos Márquez / Oscar Loreto (Venezuela)
  11. Miquel Clemente (France) / Hakan Hellberg (Sweden)
  12. Hendrik Simon / Joschka Sebrantke (Germany)
  13. Phil Schaefer / Alex Bartsch (Germany)
  14. Tammo Rockel / Benjamin Kanske (Germany)
  15. Faris Barakat / Kerstin Adineh (Germany)
  16. Steve Kuntze / Tino Holzmann (Germany)
  17. Ivan Stanev / Rosen Kyrta (Bulgaria)
  18. Stefan Nold / Simon Rollmann (Germany)
  19. Eurik Lindner / Sam Maleki (Germany)
  20. Felix Ostwaldt (Germany) / Radoslav Rusev (Bulgaria)
  21. Mohamed Ibeli / Russell Thomas (Germany)
  22. Andreas Nawrath / Michael Lamberjohann (Germany)

Manually Entered Results

Footbag Bembel Cup 2013 – Resultats

1. Flo Götze / Yves Kreil
2. Antonio Fritsch / Arthur Ledain
3. Chris Löw / Yassin Khateeb
4. Andreas Wolff / Uli Haase
5. Greg Lima / Sébastien Maillet
6. Manuel Kruse / Simon Voss (scratch)
7. Grischa Tellenbach / Mouss Kabbal
8. Johannes Korff / Quentin Isackson
9. Jyri Ilama / Amaya Straeten
10. Carlos Márquez / Oscar Loreto
11. Miquel Clemente / Hakan Hellberg
12. Hendrik Simon / Joschka Sebrantke
13. Phil Schaefer / Alex Bartsch
14. Tammo Rockel / Benjamin Kanske
15. Faris Barakat / Kerstin Anhuth
16. Steve Kuntze / Tino Holzmann
17. Ivan Stanev / Rosen Kyrta
18. Stefan Nold / Simon Rollmann
19. Eurik Lindner / Sam Maleki (scratch)
20. Felix Ostwaldt / Radoslav Rusev
21. Russell Thomas / Mo Ibeli
22. Andreas Nawrath / Michael Lamberjohann

Countries Represented: 7*
Germany: 29
France: 7
Bulgaria: 3
Venezuela: 2
Finland: 1
Sweden: 1
Switzerland: 1
USA: 1

Thanks to all players to visit the Bembel Cup 2013!

Dear friends of footbag sports, we are sorry but we need to cancel the "singles". To sad, but as the weather is not that good right now, and we do not have the hall on Monday, it may be not possible. For everybody who stays until monday - we gonna try and do our best to organize a small spontaneous single tournament and or pick up games at the Park if the weather will let us ;-) Sorry for that - but nevertheless - I´m sure we will have a great Bembel Cup 2013 and look forward to see all of you for an awesome weekend.
Event Details:

Friday: arrival of the players

Saturday and Sunday: Open Doubles and Golf 

Saturday Night: Party @ Ponyhof with live music and DJ Fuji 

Monday: maybe a small spontaneous single tournament and or pick up games 

Here you find a Map for the Location

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