Paris Net Battle 2

Tournament Results

Paris Net Battle 2


Grischa Tellenbach

Annexe Georges Carpentier, 81 Boulevard Mass?na, 75013 Paris
Paris, France
Events Offered:
Footbag Net

Results for Paris Net Battle 2 (2012)

Open Singles Net:

  1. Florian Goetze (Germany)
  2. Karim Daouk (Switzerland)
  3. Greg Lima (France)
  4. Jean-Francois Lemieux (France)
  5. Janne Uusitalo (Finland)
  6. Arthur Ledain (France)
  7. Sébastien Maillet (France)
  8. Lino Landau (France)
  9. Jaka Stare (Slovenia)
  10. Eurik Lindner (Germany)
  11. Grischa Tellenbach (Switzerland)
  12. Vincent Rousseau (France)
  13. Sébastien Lefay (France)
  14. Quentin Isackson (France)
  15. Milan Ardalic (Slovenia)
  16. Julien Apollonio (Switzerland)
  17. Julien Coblence (France)
  18. Boris Ollivier (France)
  19. Renato Zülli (Switzerland)
  20. Felix Ostwaldt (Germany)
  21. Radoslav Rusev (Bulgaria)
  22. Miquel Clemente (France)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Florian Goetze (Germany) / Janne Uusitalo (Finland)
  2. Greg Lima / Arthur Ledain (France)
  3. Jean-Francois Lemieux / Sébastien Maillet (France)
  4. Karim Daouk (Switzerland) / Miquel Clemente (France)
  5. Grischa Tellenbach (Switzerland) / Lino Landau (France)
  6. Olivier Baillon / Sébastien Lefay (France)
  7. Jaka Stare / Milan Ardalic (Slovenia)
  8. Phil Schaefer / Eurik Lindner (Germany)
  9. Quentin Isackson / Julien Coblence (France)
  10. Vincent Rousseau (France) / Radoslav Rusev (Bulgaria)
  11. Renato Zülli / Julien Apollonio (Switzerland)
  12. Ugo Montironi (France) / Felix Ostwaldt (Germany)
  13. Arnaud Saniez / Boris Ollivier (France)

Manually Entered Results

Initial seeding

1.	Florian Goetze
2.	JF Lemieux
3.	Karim Daouk
4.	Arthur Ledain
5.	Greg Lima
6.	Janne Uusitalo
7.	Sebastien Maillet
8.	Lino Landau
9.	Grischa Tellenbach
10.	Jaka Stare
11.	Vincent Rousseau
12.	Quentin Isackson
13.	Miquel Clemente
14.	Eurik Lindner
15.	Sebastien Lefay
16.	Radoslav Rusev
17.	Julien Coblence
18.	Julien Apollonio
19.	Renato Zülli
20.	Milan Ardalic
21.	Boris Belouin
22.	Felix Ostwaldt


1.	Florian Goetze
2.	Karim Daouk
3.	Greg Lima
4.	JF Lemieux
5.	Janne Uusitalo
6.	Arthur Ledain
7.	Sebastien Maillet
8.	Lino Landau
9.	Jaka Stare
10.	Eurik Lindner
11.	Grischa Tellenbach
12.	Vincent Rousseau
13.	Sebastien Lefay
14.	Quentin Isackson
15.	Milan Ardalic
16.	Julien Apollonio
17.	Julien Coblence
18.	Boris Belouin
19.	Renato Zülli
20.	Felix Ostwaldt
21.	Radoslav Rusev
22.	Miquel Clemente (scratch)

Initial seeding

1.	Florian Goetze / Janne Uusitalo
2.	Greg Lima / Arthur Ledain
3.	JF Lemieux / Sebastien Maillet
4.	Grischa Tellenbach / Lino Landau
5.	Phil Schaefer / Eurik Lindner
6.	Karim Daouk / Miquel Clemente
7.	Vincent Rousseau / Radoslav Rusev
8.	Quentin Isackson / Julien Coblence
9.	Olivier Baillon / Sebastien Lefay
10.	Jaka Stare / Milan Ardalic
11.	Renato Zülli / Julien Apollonio
12.	Ugo Montironi / Felix Ostwaldt
13.	Arnaud Saniez / Boris Belouin


1.	Florian Goetze / Janne Uusitalo
2.	Greg Lima / Arthur Ledain
3.	JF Lemieux / Sebastien Maillet
4.	Karim Daouk / Miquel Clemente
5.	Grischa Tellenbach / Lino Landau
6.	Olivier Baillon / Sebastien Lefay
7.	Jaka Stare / Milan Ardalic
8.	Phil Schaefer / Eurik Lindner
9.	Quentin Isackson / Julien Coblence
10.	Vincent Rousseau / Radoslav Rusev
11.	Renato Zülli / Julien Apollonio
12.	Ugo Montironi / Felix Ostwaldt
13.	Arnaud Saniez / Boris Belouin (scratch)

Paris Net Battle 2012 was yet another great tournament. We were
honoured by the presence of players from Frankfurt, Helsinki, Kranj,
Lausanne, Montpellier, Nantes and Strasbourg.

On Saturday we played all doubles matches with classic side-out
scoring best of 3 games to 11 points and best of 3 games to 15 points
as of semi-finals. There were 2 up-sets in pool play. Seed 9 Olivier
Baillon / Seb Lefay beat seed 8 Quentin Isackson / Julien Coblence.
Seed 10 Jaka Stare / Milan Ardalic beat seed 7 Vincent Rousseau / Rado
Rusev. All teams won their matches in 2 straight games.
In π-finals there was yet another up-set Karim Daouk / Miquel Clemente
beat Grischa Tellenbach / Lino Landau in 3 tight games were both teams
had match balls. Nice serves Karim ;-) The best match in the
tournament was probably the ∏ finals between the 2 local teams Arthur
Ledain / Greg Lima vs JF Lemieux / Seb Maillet with lot?s of hard
fought rallies. Eventually Arthur Ledain / Greg Lima won in 3 tight
games and made it to finals.
Florian Goetze / Janne Uusitalo won their ∏-finals against Karim Daouk
/ Miquel Clemente in 2 games. 3rd place went JF Lemieux / Seb Maillet
and in finals Florian Goetze / Janne Uusitalo beat Arthur Ledain /
Greg Lima in 2 games. Florian Goetze and Janne Uusitalo were just too
strong, they went through the whole tournament without even losing one
Thanks to Eurik Lindner you already can see some footage online

On Sunday we played all singles matches using rally scoring best of 3
games to 15 points and best of 5 games to 15 points as of semi-finals.
22 players competed in 7 pools and there was only 1 up-set seed 15 Seb
Lefay beat seed 14 Miquel Clemente. In the round of 16 there were no
surprises. In 1/4-finals seed 5 Greg Lima beat seed 4 Arthur Ledain in
3 games. In ∏-finals seed 3 Karim Daouk beat seed 2 JF Lemieux in 3
straight games and seed 1 Florian Goetze defeated Greg Lima in 4
games. In finals Florian Goetze beat Karim Daouk in 3 games (15-13,
16-14, 15-10). This was Karim?s 4?s finals in row in Paris since June
2010 (RNH Contest 2010, 12e ODF, Paris Net Battle 2011) and Flo is the
first player to beat him.

Thanks again to all players who competed at the Paris Net Battle 2012
and made it a great event. A special mention to Felix Ostwaldt who
competed in his first net tournament ever and Seb Lefay our youngster
who took a game from Flo and Karim in singles plus he up-setted
Miquel. Last but not least thanks to Flo for the footbag lessons he
taught to all his opponents throughout this weekend.

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The Paris Net Battle 2 will take place in Paris 14-15 April 2012.

Once again we expect some of the world finest footbag net players to come to the French Capital.

The event will take place in Chinatown in the South-East of Paris where we usually organize our competitions!

Event Details:

Gymnase 4bis Choisy
4bis Avenue de Choisy
75013 Paris, France
M°7 ?Porte de Choisy?

Gymnase Carpentier
81, Boulevard Masséna
75013 Paris, France
M°7 ?Porte de Choisy?

Events: Doubles Net (maybe also Singles)

Categories: Open, Women* and Intermediate* (*if enough players/teams sign-up)

Scoring system: To Be Announced.

Registration fee is 15.00 ?.

You can pre-register on the French Footbag forum and/or facebook:

Please let us know the name of your doubles partner.

For further questions please send me an e-mail or post them on French Footbag 
forum and/or facebook.

Keep on kicking

Grischa Tellenbach
RNH Footbag
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