Kick Volley 04

Tournament Results

Kick Volley 04


Yves Archambault

Phone: (514) 845-2194
7381, De Bordeaux
Montr?al, Qc
Parc Beaubien, 9?me ave. et Beaubien
Montr?al, QC, Canada
Events Offered:
LAST MINUTE - The tournament will be in June, finally and outdoors this time. Registration
Deadline June 13th.
Open Doubles and Mixed doubles , possibly an intermediate category if there's enough
players to justify it.
Double et Mixte seulement en cat?gorie Open. Il sera possible d'ajouter une cat?gorie
interm?diaire si le nombre de joueurs int?ress?s le permet. Date limite pour s'inscrire: 13

Results for Kick Volley 04 (2013)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Luke Legault / Fran?ois Pelletier (Canada)
  2. Marc Girard-Larivi?re / Olivier Berthiaume-Berg (Canada)
  3. Yves Archambault / Carl-Antoine Boulay (Canada)
  4. Maude Landreville / Genevi?ve Bousquet (Canada)
  5. Marilyn Demuy (Canada) / Christian Bock (Germany)
  6. Philippe Lessard / Luka Weyler-Lavall (Canada)
  7. Marie-Lou Roy / Christophe Spooner (Canada)

Open Mixed Doubles Net:

  1. Marilyn Demuy / Fran?ois Pelletier (Canada)
  2. Luke Legault / Genevi?ve Bousquet (Canada)
  3. Maude Landreville / Yves Archambault (Canada)
  4. Marie-Lou Roy (Canada) / Christian Bock (Germany)

Manually Entered Results

Open Doubles final results / R?sultats du double Open

1 Francois Depatie Pelletier / Luc Legault
2 Marc Giard-Larivi?re / Olivier Berthiaume-Berg?
3 Carl-Antoine Boulay / Yves Archambault 
4 Genevi?ve Bousquet / MaudeLandreville
5 Marilyn Demuy / Chris Bock
6 Luka Weyler-Lavall?e / Philippe Lessard
7 Marie-Lou Roy / Christophe Spooner

Les r?sultats du double mixte

1- Marilyn Demuy / Fran?ois Depatie-Pelletier
2- Genevi?ve Bousquet / Luc Legault
3- Maude Landreville / Yves Archambault
4- Marie-Lou Roy / Chris Bock

The mixed doubles finals still has to be played at this point. The weather was
so bad on finals day that we decided to postpone what would arguably be the best
match of the tournament. Luc Legault and Genevi?ve Bousquet took Fran?ois
Depatie-Pelletier and Marilyn Demuy's first seed in the prelims.

Le double mixte reste ? d?terminer. La finale a ?t? remise ? une journ?e plus
cl?mente et elle mettra aux prises: Luc Legault et Genevi?ve Bousquet vs
Fran?ois Depatie-Pelletier et Marilyn Demuy. ? noter que Luc et Gen ont pris le
''seed'' num?ro 1 en battant Fran?ois et Marilyn dans le pool pr?liminaire.

LAST MINUTE - The tournament is June 15-16th 2013 This is the 4th annual Montreal Kick Volley event. As usual the core group of dedicated Montreal kickers will be there to compete with you. News about the tournament as we approach the deadline will be at Home Page . Please share. Vous trouverez toute l'information en fran?ais sur la page de Aki Filet 04 Kick Volley 04 poster
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