2011 East Coast Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

2011 East Coast Footbag Championships


Jim Hankins

E-mail: jhankins44@gmail.com
Alias: Hammer@footbag.org
Phone: 732-648-7173
78 Brighton Way
North Brunswick, NJ
Buccleuch Park, adjacent to Rutgers University
New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA
Events Offered:
Net & Freestyle

Results for East Coast Footbag Championships (2011)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Mark Monistere (USA)
  2. John Goode (USA)
  3. Jonathan Schneider (USA)
  4. Nathan Pipenberg (USA)
  5. Daniel Greer (USA)
  6. Drew Martin (USA)
  7. Nick Polini (USA)

Intermediate Singles Routines:

  1. Mark Bull (USA)
  2. Theodore Fritsch (USA)
  3. Anthony Ritz (USA)

Open Circle Contest:

  2. Nathan Pipenberg (USA)
  3. Jonathan Schneider (USA)
  4. Daniel Greer (USA)

Intermediate Circle Contest:

  2. Mark Bull (USA)

Manually Entered Results

Open Singles Net:
1. Dan Greer
2. Greg Neumann
3. Mark Hunsberger
4. Josh DeClercq
Intermediate Singles Net:
1. Ted Fristsch
2. Anthony Ritz
3. Noah Hunsberger
4. Jack Lentz
Open Doubles Net:
1. Dan Greer-Greg Neumann
2. Tom Bergamasco-Jim Hankins
3. Mark Hunsberger-Josh DeClercq
4. Anthony Intemann-Noah Hunsberger
Intermediate Doubles Net:
1. Jack Lentz-Anthony Ritz
Open Freestyle Routines: 
1. Mark Monistere
2. John Goode
3. Jonathan Schneider
4. Nathan Pipenberg
5. Dan Greer
6. Drew Martin
7. Nick Polini
Intermediate Freestyle Routines:
1. Mark Bull
2. Ted Fritsch
3. Anthony Ritz

Open Circle Contest:
1. Mark Monistere
2. Nathan Pipenberg
3. Jonathan Schneider
4. Dan Greer

Intermediate Circle Contest:
1. Jordan Alejandro
2. Mark Bull
3. Tristan Delaney

Hey all. After many, many years, the East Coast Footbag Championships have returned to New Jersey! The 2011 ECFC will be held in New Brunswick, NJ, at Buccleuch (pronounced "BUCK-lew") Park, next to Rutgers University. New Brunswick is easily accesible from the NJ Turnpike and Interstate 287. For those coming from NYC, New Brunswick is easily accessible by train (NJ Transit, Northeast Corridor) and the site is a 15-20 minute walk from the New Brunswick train station.
Event Details:
We already expect several net and freestyle players from near and far! Events 
will include singles and doubles net, as well as freestyle routines 
and circle contest.  Here are the details...

>>LOCATION: Buccleuch Park is located right off Easton Ave in New Brunswick, 
across from St. Peters Hospital (try using "238 Easton Ave" with your GPS to 
get you there or close).  From the hotels (see "Accommodations" below), drive 
south on Easton Ave. about 3.5 miles.  You will see the park on your left; 
the park's main entrance is on the left at the corner of Easton Ave. & 
Huntington St.  At the traffic light at Easton Ave/Huntington St., make a 
sharp left into the park. Bear right, following the road loop around (one 

When you reach the gazebo, turn right and follow the road 100 yards down or 
so. Park in the small parking lot.  Check in at the pavilion.

**Note: If you plan to drive to the site on Satruday but aren't competing 
until later, I encourage you to still get to the site early.  There will be 
traffic in the area as there's a 1 PM Rutgers football game.

If you are arriving by train, the train station is at the intersection of 
Albany St. and Easton Ave.  Simply head north on Easton Ave. and you'll 
see the park on your right (less than a mile from the station).

Fees (t-shirt included):
-Open net and freestyle-$40
-Intemediate net and freestyle-$20

There won't be a formal registration set-up on Friday night as many players 
won't arrive until Satruday morning.  However, we will try to individually 
register those arriving on Friday night at the hotels.

If you ARE planning to come, we'd appreciate you letting us know for event 
planning purposes.  Please contact either Jonathan Schneider 
(flipwalk@hotmail.com)or me.

>>SCHEDULE(subject to minor changes as the tournament progresses):

Sat., Sept. 24th
8:30-9:00am     Late registration
9:30-10:00am   Net players meeting at pavilion. This meeting will determine 
how much net will be played and exactly when.
10am-6 pm      Singles Net, with breaks for lunch and freestyle. If time 
permits doubles net may start on this day if players are up for it.
1:00pm -- Intermediate circle preliminary round
1:30pm -- Open Circle prelims
2:00pm -- Intermediate routines
2:30pm -- Open routines

Sunday, Sept. 25th

9am-1pm   Doubles net prelims and wrap-up of singles net.
1:30pm - Int. Circle Finals
2:00pm - Open Circle Finals
2:30pm - Int. Routine Finals
3:00pm - Open Routine Finals
3-5pm - Open Net finals singles and doubles

5:30-7pm Awards Ceremony in New Brunswick (location TBD)

>>ACCOMODATIONS: We do not have an "official" host hotel this year but the 
most reasonable accommodations can be found here:

1) Candlewood Suites- 41 Worlds Fair Drive, Somerset, NJ, (732) 748-1400 (10-
15 minutes north of the site; double rooms starting @ $70/night)
2) Staybridge Suites- 260 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ, (732) 356-8000 (10-15 
minutes north of the site; double rooms starting @ $80/night)


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