JFK Net Battle

Tournament Results

JFK Net Battle


Henrik Martikainen

Alias: hece@footbag.org
Jyväskylä, Finland
Events Offered:
Open Doubles Net, Open Singles Net, Intermediate Doubles Net*, Intermediate Singles Net*,
Open Women Singles Net*, Open Women Doubles Net*

*Event will be offered, if enough teams sign up

Results for JFK Net Battle (2011)

Open Singles Net:

  1. Matti Pohjola (Finland)
  2. Oskari Forstén (Finland)
  3. Janne Uusitalo (Finland)
  4. Tuomas Kärki (Finland)
  5. Jani Säntti (Finland)
  6. Timo Vorne (Finland)
  7. Tuukka Antikainen (Finland)
  8. Justin Sexton (Finland)
  9. Vesa Ruuskanen (Finland)
  10. Henrik Martikainen (Finland)
  11. Jani Lirkki (Finland)
  12. Piia Tantarimäki (Finland)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Matti Pohjola / Janne Uusitalo (Finland)
  2. Tuomas Kärki / Oskari Forstén (Finland)
  3. Justin Sexton / Juha-Matti Rytilahti (Finland)
  4. Jani Lirkki / Iisak Liukko (Finland)
  5. Tuukka Antikainen / Janne Pesonen (Finland)
  6. Vesa Ruuskanen / Timo Vorne (Finland)
  7. Janne Villikka / Henrik Martikainen (Finland)
  8. Ville Laakso / Sakarias Liukko (Finland)
  9. Ninni Liukko / Piia Tantarimäki (Finland)

Manually Entered Results

Open Doubles Net:

1. Janne Uusitalo & Matti Pohjola
2. Tuomas Kärki & Oskari Forstén
3. Justin Sexton & Juha-Matti Rytilahti
4. Iisak Liukko & Jani Lirkki
5. Tuukka Antikainen & Janne Pesonen
6. Vesa Ruuskanen & Timo Vorne
7. Henrik Martikainen & Janne Villikka
8. Ville Laakso & Sakarias Liukko
9. Ninni Liukko & Piia Tantarimäki

Open Singles Net:

1. Matti Pohjola
2. Oskari Forstén
3. Janne Uusitalo
4. Tuomas Kärki
5. Jani Markkanen
6. Timo Vorne
7. Tuukka Antikainen
8. Justin Sexton
9. Vesa Ruuskanen
10. Henrik Martikainen
11. Jani Lirkki
12. Piia Tantarimäki

Jyväskylä Footbag Club is hosting the 7th annual Finnish summer opening tournament JFK Net Battle 2011 in Jyväskylä, Finland. Footbag net and long summer nights. What else could you hope for?

Doubles will played on saturday. Warm-up starts at 12.00 and games 13.00.

Singles will played on sunday. Warm-up starts at 10.00 and games 11.00.

Registrations to hallitus@jfkfootbag.fi . Registration time ends 2.6.2011 23.59 EET.

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