Aachen Outdoor Open - The Rally Cup

Tournament Results

Aachen Outdoor Open - The Rally Cup


Justin J. Eichenlaub

E-mail: justin41@footbag.org
Phone: +49(0)179 959 969 9
Aachen, Nrw
Aachen, Nrw, Germany
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open Doubles Net, Open Single Net, Circle Contest, Pro-Golf
Men, Women, Intermediate for all categories (if less than 4 Teams/Players register
contestants will be contacted and asked if they wnat to play another discipline.)

Results for Aachen Outdoor Open - The Rally Cup (2011)

Open Singles Net:

  1. Florian Goetze (Germany)
  2. Tammo Rockel (Germany)
  3. Carlos Márquez (Venezuela)
  4. Markus Kaspczak (Germany)
  5. Yannik Rockel (Germany)
  6. Faris Barakat (Germany)
  7. Amaya Straeten (Germany)
  8. Andreas Käfer (Germany)
  9. Justin Eichenlaub (Germany)
  10. Jonas Thull (Germany)
  11. Robin Püchel (Germany)
  12. Eurik Lindner (Germany)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Phil Schaefer / Florian Goetze (Germany)
  2. Eurik Lindner / Markus Kaspczak (Germany)
  3. Yannik Rockel / Tammo Rockel (Germany)
  4. Justin Eichenlaub / Amaya Straeten (Germany)
  5. Jonas Thull / Andreas Käfer (Germany)
  6. Faris Barakat / Helena Schlichting (Germany)
  7. Robin Püchel (Germany) / Carlos Márquez (Venezuela)

Manually Entered Results

Final Results 

Open Doubles
1st: Florian Götze /Philip Schäfer
2nd: Eurik Lindner /Markus Kaspczak
3rd: Yannik Rockel /Tammo Rockel
4th: Justin Eichenlaub /Amaya Straeten
5th: Andreas Käfer /Jonas Thull
6th: Helena Schlichting /Faris Barakat
7th: Robin Püchel /Carlos Marquez (scratch)

Open Single
1. Florian Götze
2. Tammo Rockel
3. Carlos Marquez
4. Markus Kaspczak
5. Yannik Rockel
6. Faris Barakat
7. Amaya Straeten
8. Andreas Käfer
9. Justin Eichenlaub
10. Jonas Thull
11. Robin Püchel
12. Eurik Lindner (scratch)

Some Scores from Open Doubles
Semi Finals:
Florian Götze/Philip Schäfer vs. Justin Eichenlaub/Amaya Straeten
Yannik Rockel/Tammo Rockel vs. Eurik Lindner/Markus Kapczak
Third Place:
Rockel/Rockel vs. Justin/Amaya
21-11, 21-11
Final scores unavailable

After 2004, 2005 and 2007 we are willing and able to host another Tournament:


Aachen Outdoor Open 2011 - "The Rally Cup"

IFPA sanctioning in progress...


Meet us and the rest of europe on our very home turf... the Westpark.

On six courts we will play RALLY POINTS ONLY, all games best of three to 21 (25max).


All tournament sites/parties/food/grocery are within walking range. Pizzeria Mondo will give special discounts for players and deliver right into the park!

Basic breakfast, lodging, free water ...included

As always we will Party at the infamous Malteserkeller, one of germanys oldest Jazz-Bars. On sunday we will have barbeque and salads next to the courts...


*All Info is Preliminary*



Fri. 10.6.2011

17-20 Westpark, players arrival, warmup matches

20h Pizzeria Mondo | An der Schanz 2 | 52064 Aachen

Arrival meeting, Pizza, Drinks, Mininet/Foursquare


Sat. 11.6.2011

10:30h Players Meeting

11:00 Open Doubles Net, all matches up to semifinals

18-20h Open Single Net, pools

22h Jakobshof, Players Party featuring Mioki


Sun. 12.6.2011

11:00 Open Single Net, all matches up to semifinals

17:00 Open Single Net, Semi-/Finals

18:00 Open Doubles Net, Semi-/Finals


19-? Chill and grill @ Westpark

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