Pennsylvania Jam

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Pennsylvania Jam


Nick Polini

Phone: 484 995 5639
129 Jacob's St.
Mont Clare, PA
Gring's Mill
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, USA
Events Offered:
Footbag demonstration for public, fun/non-competitive freestyle circles

Hey footbag fans! Zach Hoffa and I (Nick Polini) are holding a just-for-fun jam for you East Coasters and anyone else who can make it out to PA for some fun shred circles. This jam is going to be part of an Easter Festival for kids. There will be tons of kids we can mesmerize with our flailing legs, egg-dying, petting-zoo, pony rides, Reading Jugglers Club, slacklining, Freestyle Footbag, and a guy in an Easter Bunny costume. This should be a really fun jam. No serious competition in this one (there's talk of having just some small competitions for fun and Treebags (Zach Hoffa's footbags) as prizes to the winners. But like I was saying, nothing too strict or serious, just a nice few days to play some footbag.
Event Details:
-Lots of floor space available at my apartment, but there are a few hotels within 3
-Hotel: Days Inn (
united-states/) This seems to be the cheapest at around $59/night.
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