US OPEN Footbag Net Championships 2011

Tournament Results

US OPEN Footbag Net Championships 2011


Christopher Michael Siebert

Phone: 540-229-9865
Charlottesville, VA
Willamette Park
Portland, Oregon, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Footbag net: all levels and divisions

Manually Entered Results

US OPEN Footbag Net Championships version 2011 was a smashing success! Almost 50
players across 7 divisions. Thanks to all our players, especially Quebec and all
our awesome women - 10 female competitors! Thanks also to all staff, especially
Jake Kellams and superstar Kendall Kic. Of course huge thanks to our sponsors!!

World Footbag Association
The Footbag Hall of Fame Historical Society
Fancy Footwork Productions
Tim's Cascade Snacks
Flying Clipper Footbags
Nomad's Crossing Gifts

Full IFPA results:
Mixed Doubles (10 teams)
1. Maude Laudreville/Francois Depatie-Pelletier
2. Genevieve Bousquet/Luc Legault
3. Jody Welch/Andy Ronald
4. Lisa Monti/Kenny Shults
5. Becca English-Ross/Fletcher Funk
6. Julie Symons/Jeremy Mirken
7. Sarah Femmel/Chris Siebert
8. Darlene House/EJ Gammage
9. Michelle Chen/Steve Dusablon
10. Lisa McDaniel/Jack Harris

Open Doubles (9 teams)
1. Gilles Demers/Luc Legault
2. Jack Harris/Jeremy Mirken
3. Tuan Vu/Francois De-Peltier
4. Kenny Shults/Steve Dusablon
5. Chris Siebert/David Bernard
6. Andy Ronald/Andre Lemaire
7. Pat Keehan/Chris Cleaver
8. Alexis Deschenes/Fletcher Funk
9. EJ Gammage/Dirk Jansen

Women's Doubles (5 teams)
1. Genevieve Bousquet/Maude Laudreville
2. Julie Symons/Jody Welch
3. Lisa McDaniel/Becca English-Ross
4. Lisa Monti/Sarah Femmel
5. Darlene House/Michelle Chen

Open Singles (8 players)
1. Kenny Shults
2. Luc Legault
3. Steve Dusablon
4. Pat Keehan
5. Tuan Vu
6. David Bernard
7. EJ Gammage
8. Dirk Jansen

Women's Singles (4 players)
1. Genevieve Bousquet
2. Becca English-Ross
3. Sarah Femmel
4. Darlene House

Intermediate Doubles (8 teams)
1. Mag Hughes/Steve Femmel
2. Chris Hughes/Brett Armstrong
3. Dillon George/Brian Scott
4. Crazy Mike Craig/Brett Milliken
5. Bill Bleecker/Nick Rettinger
6. Jasper Shults/Joey Vu
7. Drake Shults/Asher Frank
8. Jake Kellams/Doug Scott

Intermediate Singles (8 players)
1. Steve Femmel
2. Joey Vu
3. Dillon George
4. Crazy Mike Craig
5. Brett Milliken
6. Jasper Shults
7. Nick Rettinger
8. Doug Scott

Experience the tournament of legends!! In the birthplace of footbag...Portland, Oregon.
Event Details:
We always offer competitive net play for pros, intermediates, and beginners. 
We have been the largest Women's tournament for many years now, so ladies come
on out!

WIDMER BREWING will be our beer sponsor for the 7th year in a row!!  Fun,
friends, and good times in a beautiful riverside park.  Experience footbag in
the Great Northwest.  You haven't experienced a footbag summer until you've
been to the Northwest!  Everyone welcome.  Dates are final.

Beautiful waterfront park has been reserved.  Flat playing fields right on the
river and close to downtown.  Grocery and shopping center one block away. 
Easily the most convenient site on the footbag tour!

Entry Fees:

Open:  $50
Women's Open:  $40 (special rate!)
Intermediate:  $30
Athletic Supporters:  $20
Novice:  FREE Foot-C play and Net Instruction


Net pick-up games at Willamette Park event site.  Contact Chris Siebert for 

6:00 ? 10:00pm:  Registration Party at the home of Kendall KIC and Kenny 
3550 SW Kanan Drive
Portland, OR  97221


*All events at Willamette Park, Portland: (NOT Willamette Park in West Linn or

*DON'T PAY TO PARK!!  Daily parking fee at Willamette Park has been waived for
the US Open!*

Registration for all Open and Intermediate events closes at noon!

NOVICE kicker clinics throughout the day.  See event staff for info.

NET Event Schedule (may change based on number of entrants):

*Singles Net:  Player?s meeting and Open matches begin promptly at 10am.  
Open Singles Net players must be checked in by 9am.  
Open Singles Net format will be single elimination this year.
Intermediate Singles Net starts approximately 11am.
Women's Net schedule will be based upon number of players.

10:00am ? 1:00pm:  Singles Net

1:30pm ? 5:00pm:  Doubles Net

5:30pm ? 8:00pm:  Mixed Doubles Net

No meal breaks scheduled, eat when you can.  Schedule very tight for 2-day
event and must push forward.

*All net players who are eliminated are encouraged to play off for ranking in
the final standings.*

Saturday night activity - retire to the McMenamins Fulton Pub across the

McMenamins will be offering specials for US Open players!


Willamette Park Schedule:

NOVICE kicker Foot-C clinics throughout the day.  See event staff for info.

NET Event Schedule (may change based on number of entrants):

10:30am:  Singles Net playoffs
12:30pm:  Doubles Net playoffs
2:30pm:  Mixed Doubles playoffs
4:00pm:  Mixed Doubles final
5:00pm:  Open Doubles final
6:00pm:  Singles final

Awards on site.  Please help with site clean-up afterward.

Accommodations and Hotel Info:

Housing questions?  For details contact Chris Siebert:;
Kendall Kic:; or Tricia George:

Portland is relatively small and easy to navigate.  If you get a hotel
reasonably close to downtown you will not be far from the tournament sites.

Hotel Info: Cheapest decent hotel is the Motel 6 on SouthEast Powell

Motel 6 Portland Central #0070
3104-06 SE Powell Boulevard
I-5 North at Exit# 299-A, South Exit #300-B
Portland, OR, 97202
Phone: (503) 238-0600 | Fax: (503) 238-7167
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