2011 Prague Open

Tournament Results

2011 Prague Open


Jan Struz

Alias: dexter@footbag.org
Phone: (00420) 603 435 677
Husinec 47, Rez
Czech Republic
Tennis Park Cibulka
Praha - Koe, Czech Republic
Events Offered:
Footbag Doubles Net, Footbag Singles Net, Footbag Freeestyle Jam King

Manually Entered Results

Open Singles Net

1. Tammo Rockel
2. Pavel Hejra
3. Pavel Cerveny
4. Petr Stejskal
5. Robin Puchel
6. Jan Struz
7. Vasek Klouda

Open Doubles Net

1. Tammo Rockel - Robin Puchel
2. Pavel Hejra - Petr Stejskal
3. Pavel Cerveny - Jan Struz

Event Details:
Once again a great gathering of all footbag lovers in our main city Prague. On 
the 19th of February 
we would like to invite all footbag players of good will for a nice weekend of 
fun and joy at the 2011 
Prague Open. We will have a nice gym with 3 net courts and a space for a 
freestyle jam located not far 
from the city center. So if your ready to visit Prague either for a serious 
sporting or for serious 
vacation, we are ready to host you, feed you, provide accomodation, and other 
lusts :)
Hosted by the Czech Footbag Association.
Date: 19th February
Events: Footbag Doubles Net, Footbag Singles Net, Freestyle Jam with the best
Accommodation: please contact dexter@footbag.cz if you want help with hostel, 
hotel or you want to 
stay at players houses
Time-table: Will be announced later, but be sure we wont start early in the 
morning. Presumably 
around 11 AM.
Event Location: http://www.teniscibulka.cz/ You cant see the actual location 
there so we post few 
photos donw here.
Other Info: This event is the second event of such motive - last time we had 
few foreign players 
comming from Germany and Poland. There is a restaurant in the area as well. 
Awards ceremony will 
take place in the nearby pub, where we will end the day behind a cold drink. 
Players will be glad to 
shred and spike to the fine tunes provided by DJ Fucker :)
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