Todexon 12

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Todexon 12


Jan Struz

Phone: (00420) 603 435 677
Husinec 47, Rez
Czech Republic

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teatro NoD
Prague, Czech Republic
Events Offered:
Open Freestyle Routines, Sick 3, Big 1,

Results for Todexon 12 (2011)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Jan Weber (Czech Republic)
  2. Milan Benda (Czech Republic)
  3. Václav Klouda (Czech Republic)
  4. Rafal Kaleta (Poland)
  5. Patrik Cerny (Czech Republic)
  6. Jindra Smola (Czech Republic)
  7. Pavel Motorov (Russia)
  8. Michal Ostrowski (Poland)
  9. Krystof Malér (Czech Republic)
  10. Tomasz Ostrowski (Poland)
  11. Slava Sidorin (Czech Republic)
  12. Jan Struz (Czech Republic)

Open Shred:30:

  1. Jan Weber (Czech Republic)
  2. Milan Benda (Czech Republic)
  3. Pavel Motorov (Russia)

Open Sick 3-Trick:

  1. Milan Benda (Czech Republic)
  2. Pavel Motorov (Russia)
  3. Jindra Smola (Czech Republic)
  4. Jan Weber (Czech Republic)
  5. Tomasz Ostrowski (Poland)
  6. Slava Sidorin (Czech Republic)
  7. Rafal Kaleta (Poland)
  7. Michal Ostrowski (Poland)

Open Sick Trick:

  1. Jan Weber (Czech Republic)
  2. Rafal Kaleta (Poland)
  3. Jindra Smola (Czech Republic)
  4. Patrik Cerny (Czech Republic)

Manually Entered Results

Videos can be seen here:


1. Honza Weber
2. Milan Benda
3. Va¨ek Klouda
4. Rafal Kaleta
5. Patrik Černý
6. Jindra Smola
7. Pavel Motorov
8. Michal Ostrowski
9. Kry¨tof Maléř
10. Tomasz Ostrowski
11. Slava Sidorin
12. Jan Struz

Big 1:
1. Jan Weber
2. Rafal Kaleta
3. Jindra Smola
4. Patrik Černý

Shred 30: (the order is derived - results not counted)
1. Honza Weber
2. Milan Benda
3. Pavel Motorov

Sick 3:
1. Milan Benda
2. Pavel Motorov
3. Jindra Smola
4. Honza Weber
5. Tomasz Ostrowski
6. Slawa Sidorin
7. Michal Ostrowski
7. Patrik Černý
7. Rafal Kaleta

Event Details:
Dear footbag friends of the old continent - this years todexon will take place 
on the 16th of April in 
the center of Prague. Thanks to hard work and multiple interventions we have 
secured a top of the list 
venue. This years Todexon 12 will take place in teatruNoD, right next to the 
famous Roxy Club. Like 
every year you can expect top czech and international players that will fight 
to be crowned the 
todexon winners.
Date: 16. Dubna

Venue: teatro NoD, Dlouhá 33, Praha 1, mapa

Accomodation: Either contact local players that you know might find shelter 
for you in their cosy 
houses or write mail to dexter:
Second option is to reserve yourself a bed in the near (like 20m) hostel: 
Travellers Hostel

Registration: online register at, registration fee is 200 CZK and 
you will get a tshirt, 
footbag, and food for saturday competition day

Timetable (might change):
before 19:00 - shred in the city, most probably at the new scene next to 
national theatre
19:00 - meeting in a pub

13:00 - Registration a Warm-up
14:00 - Open Freestyle Qualification
15:00 - Break
15:30 - Big 1, Sick 3, ...
16:30 - Intermediate
17:00 - Women
17:30 - Open Freestyle Finals
18:25 - Awards ceremony
18:30 - Shred till you die
21:00 - Celebration

13:00 - xx:xx Shred in the city
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