2010 NYJ/Midwest Regionals Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

2010 NYJ/Midwest Regionals Footbag Championships


Scott Davidson

E-mail: enlightener@footbag.org
Phone: Email for current #
~600 Harrison
Oak Park, IL
McCormick Place Convention Center
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
Singles Footbag Freestyle Routines, 
Circle Contest
Other Freestyle Contests at discretion of Director, 
Youth Consecutives Contests, 
Two Square, Four Square, 
Kick for Health Footbag Challenge (youth outreach)

Manually Entered Results


Thanks to Dragonfly Footbags for coming out and putting up cash money for all 3 main 
events. Thanks to Dragonfly Footbags and Kolo Sport for sponsoring shirts and footbags. 

1. Mathieu Giard-Montpetit 
2. Tom Kotsakos 
3. Steve Goldberg 
4. Sébastien Duchesne

1. Evan Gatesman 
2. Ken Somolinos 
3. Sébastien Duchesne 
4. Zac Miley 

1. Ken Somolinos 
2. Evan Gatesman 
3. Reid Strellner 
3. Scott Davidson 
5. Brian Bear 

REQUEST LINK that Reile, Hanna, Tim and I made. Link List 
1. Evan Gatesman - Highest level: 15 (paradox whirling swirl > bullwhip) 
2. Tom Kotsakos :-p - Highest level: 12 (gyro DLO > merlin) 
3. Dante Diotallevi - Highest level: 11 (smog > double switch over)

REQUEST TRICK Both Sides that Zac Miley and Matt Kemmer made. 
1. Evan Gatesman 
2. Matt Kemmer 
2. James Risden

Thanks again to following pimps for providing us with the luxurious Shred Room: 
STEVE GOLDBERG - Big Pimp award and Silver Tongue award for getting it half priced. 
Tommy A 
Zach J 
Mathieu GM 

Friday, December 17th at Hyatt McCormick Place, Room TBA 3-Midnight Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 18-19, 10AM to 4PM at McCormick Place Site EVENT SCHEDULE: -Friday: Jam, shred and have fun! -Saturday: 10-4: Kick for Health Footbag Challenge Youth Outreach 2:00 - Freestyle Routines 3:00 - Youth Consecutives Contest -Sunday: 10-4: Kick for Health Footbag Challenge Youth Outreach 1:00 - Other Freestyle Contests 3:00 - Youth Consecutives Contest
Event Details:
New Year's Jam - December 17-19
The Jam is a free event, no contests, all freestyle all the time!  Friday, Saturday and
On the 17th we will be at the shred room at the Hyatt McCormick Place only, and on the 
18th & 19th we will start at McCormick Place and move to the shred room for the night 

26th Annual Midwest Regional Footbag Championships
...Coinciding with the Chicago Sports Festival
December 18th and 19th, Saturday and Sunday
-10 to 4, both days
-Free to All Spectators!
-Rooms at the Hyatt (not a requirement), usually $300+, only $89ish
    (See details below.)

Come out and shred with us!  

Our primary focus is to reach out to specators!  We need to staff a booth
that is dedicated to the footbag experience.  Our interactive area is called the Kick for
Health Challenge, where kids learn to play footbag, and if we get a cash sponsor, we'll be

able to give away footbags to kids who take the challenge!  We are looking for volunteers
help with teaching the interested spectators how to play footbag.  

This event is free for spectators, but in order to give out a footbag to
each of the spectators that try the sport we are trying to raise money to 
purchase footbags to give away over the weekend.

We are asking a voluntary donation of $10 or more from each player, and if you
know anyone who would like to donate over $100 to go directly to providing
footbags for each participant, we can arrange donations to be tax-deductible through

This year's event takes place at McCormick Place in Chicago (as a part
of "Chicago Sports Festival"), Illinois on December 18-19.  

The Holiday Sports Fest is an event designed to introduce all kinds of
sports to the general public, and each sport has an interactive area where
kids can try them out.  Some sports also have major tournaments going on,
such as Volleyball, Soccer and 3-on-3 Basketball (and now, Footbag).

With Free Admission and discounted parking for the event, this is a great event
to bring the family to.

I want to thank the generous sponsors who I anticipate will be on board
this year: Freedom Footbags, World Footbag Association and Foot-C Net.  
Regardless of whether they sponsor the event, we are greatful that they have 
shown such consistent support of the sport of footbag over the years, and I 
believe they deserve such recognition.


Hotel Info:
 2233 S. Martin L. King Dr.
 Chicago, IL 60616-9985

Connected to the event site through tunnels, this hotel is an AWESOME deal
for only $89ish a night!  Be sure to tell them you are with the "Mayor's
Sports Festival".  Last year, there were no rooms available at the last minute... 
so call them direct NOW at:
Tel: +1 312 567 1234 and ask for Reservations.  

If the footbag.org/events website doesn't answer your questions, 
contact me directly.

Check modified.in for discussion about this event.

See ya there!

Scott Davidson
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